ZGMF-X71T Arch Destiny Gundam (WackyModder84)


And so, Wacky has finally revealed this sexy beast.
I just love the Ascalon for the sole reason of it having a fricken repelling factor. But regardless, the original Destiny is what it is.
What are your personal thoughts on the Gundam? Did Wacky and AOV did a good job designing it? Is the Art work spot on? Is it Balanced?

Oh god I have seen this beast and let me tell you I LOVE IT!!!

It is deceptively gorgeous. Paintjob is not exactly what I would have done but they are on the right track. as for the weapons: absolutely brilliant and…well…everything about this thing is FREAKING AWESOME! Given a choice between the original Destiny and the Arch Destiny, id take the latter in a heartbeat. to Wacky: BRAVO!

You see, he took the Palma Fiocina’s that the oringinal Destiny had and revamped them. That way, the Destiny could have an identity of it’s own. Not just a Perfect Strike Expy, Victory and even…SIGH Shining Gundam…BUT! Like I said, Exploiting the Palms were the perfect route to keep the Destiny true to it’s original design yet also giving it it’s own personal gimmick ! Just simply BRILLIANT!

Never heard of this guy before now. I just watched his rant on the destiny and this video. Damn he has alot of energy along with alot of great information.

I want wacky to be the voice of a logical magnificent hotblooded bastard. I dont know why I would think that.
anyway, he states his oppinions and it’s up to you to decide to accept them or no. he will not judge your oppinion as long as you arent being an asshole about it. really, I like wacky’s ideals.