Zeta's WIP

So with my latest acquisition I’ve decided to start my own Work in Progress page since I’m taking my time with my HGUC Re-GZ. The detailing on this kit is incredible for a High Grade. Sorry images are lousy, I used my phone camera. I need to get something better.

It is done! I have to say, quite impressive for a High Grade. The thrusters on the legs and front skirt armor gave enough room to give the inside a yellow trim followed by black. I used gray for panel lining as the gray sort of blends into the teal rather stand out like black. Overall, a very good kit.

How’s the articulation on it? Looks like the ankles may be hindered, but everything else looks normal.

Correct me if I’m wrong but does this kit also transform? I though I saw one at the convention I was at this weekend and considered getting it just because it did so. Also, nice choice with the grey lining, it definitely suits the teal as you said vs black. :3

Its a parts former. using a backpack to complete the transformation from MS to Waverider. its a very sturdy kit (seeing i own and custom painted my own :p) and the ankles are very flexible in spite of their location. the only thing I personally dislike about it is the rifle (and its only the aesthetics of it :p) this thing is an awesome kit and i reccomend it to anyone. As for Zetas, im curious what youre gonna do to it? Straight build, custom paint, etc?

Believe it or not, the legs are double jointed and can perform nearly a 180 bend.

I just did a Straight build with extra detailing. Best High Grade I’ve ever bought!

Great looking kit man. You do some good work.

Some I’m thinking about to get for my next kit. I kind of want another High Grade and something Zeoninc; something like the HGUC Gelgoog Jager or the HGUC Gouf Custom. What do you guys think?

All I’ve heard are good things regarding the Gouf Custom.

Same here. I’d go with the Gouf Custom. All the reviews makes it out to be a really great kit.

I’ll also vote for the Gouf Custom.

Another vote for the Gouf Custom here. I read nothing but praise for it.

Gouf Custom! ( my fav MS )

Gouf Custom it is!

It’s been a while since I last updated here, but I thought I’d put a post in because I’m in the planning process of creating my own custom Gunpla using the Gelgoog Jager as a base. I call it… the Gelgoog Strum Jager (translation: Assault Hunter).

Custom Gelgoog, huh? Color me interested. If you happen to have any sketches or diagrams, I hope you post them up, haha.

Well, I’ve got some ideas. I’m going to increase the Gelgoog Jager’s CQC ability by replacing the beam spot guns on the forearms for beam sabers (though they can still act as beam spot guns if they are still in the forearms). I’m also going to modify the large beam machine gun by giving it a select-fire option (like a modern assault rifle has a semi-auto and full-auto mode) so that I can switch between single shot and rapid fire modes. Finally, I’m going to mount a shield on it in order to increase its defense.

Sounds like a pretty cool project good sir.

That’s a neat idea. You’re definitely putting some real thought into it.