Zeta Gundam

I was honestly a little let down by the Zeta series story as well. I think I might have been expecting too much after MSG and all the good things people say about Zeta. I need to see the new translation compilation movie to see how it compares. I’m not saying I hated it, I just see a lot of room for improvement. I think they could have killed off some of the characters earlier in the series and not waited until the last few episodes. How many times does Jered have to get his ass handed to him on a platter? His character is such a tool and he was overly idealistic even when Scirocco is totally using him. He should’ve died half way through in my opinion. I also like how characters get put in the brig (a little slap on the wrist) for a few days for major offenses.I know the whole Gundam stealing thing is kind of a running theme that is a little ridiculous but c’mon! Katz is continually going out to battle when he’s told not to and the security never gets any tighter. It just seems a bit silly and fake.
I don’t really mind Kamille’s character so much. He’s basically like Amuro in MSG. His character does develop from a bratty immature kid to a more mature teen by the end much like Amuro did.
The one thing that actually made me angry was in the beginning when the Titans beat the crap out of Bright. They all slapped him silly every time they came near him. I got really bent out of shape thinking man they can’t do Bright like that. I also kept wondering what was going on with some of the characters like Sayla that show up with no speaking parts. What’s Sayla doing? Where’d she go?

A lot of hte oriignal cast left the army after OYW, considering they where child soldiers forced to fight for the most part, Amuro even left, he was just under heavy surveilance. I don’t think Sayla would want to fight too. I was dissapointed in the fact that Amuro drops Sayla for that delicious Beltorchika, but it might have been a good choice.

I spent the last 5 years loving the hell out of Zeta though. There’s like this adventurous theme in there, all the running around and all, but you’re right, it could have been better, though I won’t complain as I enjoyed every single episode, tear for tear, laugh for laugh.

All points on Zeta are spot on. However it is my favorite series thus far. I think in all it was done really well. Faults and all.

Well lets remember another popular mecha series of the 80’s Super Dimensional Fortress Macross. For me it was absolutely brilliant until 2/3rds in when they repopulate Earth. Then it got a bit muddy and only picked up right at the end. What we do have to remember is that those shows were the first. They are what established military mecha genre. My biggest fault with Zeta is that characters continue to do incredibly stupid stuff even after they already know it is incredibly stupid. Like that Katz doing all that stuff trying to get Sarah away from Scirocco. Even when she betrays him and tries to kill him on several occasions. Then there is Kamille with the whole Four/Rosamia thing. And dont get me started on Reccoa’s “I am a woman” crap. The most real characters in the whole Zeta are the people from original, Char with his alter-ego, Amuro with severe PTSD, Hayato with family, Kai Shiden with his job and Bright- a carrier military officer. Those are the most believable characters.

Man, there’s so much truth there. Kamille gets abused in the beginning for not being like a normal soldier, but he still continues his shenanigans, and worse of all, Char brings kids on board and Fa acts like she’s going through puberty.

This only gets worse later on, doesn’t it?

Speaking of those kids, what’s actually happened to them?

Man, no idea, it seems after ZZ they just became some of the forgotten stress.

I’d love to think Fa and Kamille adopted them, like how Frau Bow adoped Kika, Katz and Letz. The only trace of Kamille and Fa I’ve seen after the war was the one where Kamille becomes a doctor, and I believe that’s called UC 0099: Moon Crisis, and it’s only cameos, from sources I’ve read.

But those kids, nothing.

Though you’ll be surprised how much stuff goes on in manga that hasn’t been translated to english.

I strongly agree on this one. My problems with Zeta is that the pilots will just do whatever they want to do. They would just sortie without any orders, and will get away with it. People at the bridge will just be surprised that <insert pilot here> already left aboard <insert a mobile suit>.

Which is why I like ZZ even less. They turned a warship over to children.And mobile suits. That amount of firepower in the hands of teenagers without any oversight is just crazy.

I tried watching ZZ. I stopped after 5 episodes. Maybe sooner or later I’ll have the drive to go through the series.

You gotta get half way through the series before it gets better, the first half your better off skimming through the episodes so you at least know whats going on.

I agree there, ZZ at first is a different tone form where Z left off, I’d say from the opening “Silent Voice” onwards is the best part. Just suffer through the first half.

I vaguely remember speed-watching it. Do you think I should rewatch it? Or maybe the Wing? What would be your choice?

ZZ? I personally found most of it enjoyable, so from me, I’d say rewatch it completely from the start.

I’m going to watch ZZ here soon. Despite the criticism, I do love the UC. It’s like good literature;I enjoy it, study it and pick it apart, and try and find meaning in it.

EVERYTHING Tomino makes has deep meaning, profound poetry, literature or art, waiting for you to find meaning in.

Space Runaway Ideon. Just kidding.
Not really.
All his works have meaning.

Hopefully I wasn’t too pretentious…most importantly it’s fun.

I don’t know, man…
Eastern influenced stories, namely anime or manga are extremely different from stuff we get in the West.
I sometimes feel it’s meant to open our minds as well as entertain. It is fun though, that’s proven with Gundam’s popularity.

I was aware of that, and I was expecting that the first half was not great. I don’t know when, but I’ll definitely watch it later.

Zeta Gundam is my favorite Gundam