Zeta Gundam

Well I’ve made it to Zeta Gundam. I’m a 5th of the way through and I already see why this is such a popular series! I can’t help but think about star wars while watching Zeta though! I’m sure that’s been said at some point. I didn’t post about Stardust Memory but it was pretty darn good!

Oh… After watching MSG I had said I wasn’t sure why people liked Char so much… Well I am beginning to understand that more having started Zeta.

Yeah, Char’s true personality is revealed in Zeta. I’m not even sure if it was intended, given the popularity of MSG. Zeta was released 6-7 years after MSG.

Zeta is something else, though. It’s a pure work of art.
MSZG: A New Translation solidifies Zeta’s charm.

I personally didn’t like the movies, maybe because it switched the ending and a few things, and it dosen’t help Zeta is my favorite series. I mean the ending was fine as it was IMO. (considering what happened over the course of ZZ, trying not to give out spoilers lol)

I liked Char since the OYW personally, I mean Z helped shed more light on his persona but I’ve been a big fan of him since the get go my self.

I think as far as Char… I may have just built him up too much due to all the stuff I read. I mean he was cool in the oyw, but I just don’t think he was as good as I assumed. With Zeta he just feels a little more human and much much cooler!

Yeah I can see that.

I mean there is allot of hype surrounding him…he’s loved by a good portion of the fan base

Ok so for the past week I have dedicated myself to finishing Zeta. Well it was a very beautiful story. The ending was not as epic as MSG but I think it was as powerful in its own way. I think the ending definitely leaves the story open for ZZ. I really hope that the story feels more resolved after ZZ. I have been watching gundam non stop for the past month. It never seems to get old. Anyways on to ZZ.

Gundam doesn’t get old because other than the theme about peace, there’s always something different going on, if you look closer.

As for ZZ, I think you’ll find it enjoyable if you stick through it to the end.

I’m pretty sure I will love it! I’ve liked every installment of Gundam since I started with 00. The o ly one that didn’t pull me in was seed. I didn’t really give it a chance though!

Same here honesly I would even fuck with Gundam if it wasn’t for 00. I saw Wing when I was younger and Seed to but never the entire series and didn’t like Gundam that much 00 changed that and I watched every series except for Igloo and I’m reading a lot of the series too.

Yeah, I have to say SEED takes getting used to. You watch it once, and wonder what the hell is going on, but you’ll get the hang of the plot as you watch more, or watch it again, or even read the related series.

UC’s the best though, I could watch that over again. Not sure about the non-Zeon/Federation conflicts, I like those stories.
Looking forward to Origin and more of Unicorn now.

You mean like Mafty, Crossbone Vanguard, ane the Zanscare Empire conflicts?

Ok I have rewatched the Zeta with a dub. It is a good enough dub to be honest. And I actually liked Kamille now. Sure he still did some stupid things but now I somehow like him more. I have to say that I enjoyed various Gundam series in dub more than in sub probably because it allowed me to actually watch the action instead of reading the subs.

Yeah that’s the whole reason I enjoy dubs. As amatter of fact just watched Chars Counterattack! Fast paced but amazing! Don’t like Char anymore! Its not because he was a bad guy this time… he is just wacked out! Amuro I ended up loving. He grew so much as a character and fighter. It does not hurt that Nu Gundam is just bad a**!

I never liked Char. I understand his reasons during the One Year War and even during the Titan war but later? As you said he seems whacked out.

He’s whacked out because of Lala. In my opinion.

True! But you could say the same about Amuro. Then what about Zeta? He was able to keep his feelings under wrap. Thats what made me like him so much in Zeta. His character was one of the best of not the best of Zeta IMHO!

Yeah, I mean these things are constantly compared to each other, and sometimes just because some plot seems so much more welcoming than the other doesn’t mean it’s not as good, or even better.

There were a number of things about Zeta Gundam that bugged me to no end. They all have to do with the fact that the series is not internally consistent within the universe it paints. But rather, choices about the series were made with an eye towards doing things from a casual audience perspective.

For instance…

The bad guys use Zakus - Easily the stupidest and least considered element of the whole series. The Zeon mobile suits had been demonstrated to be absolute, unmitigated crap. I LIKE the Zeon mobile suit designs, but it is impossible to look at Mobile Suit Gundam and come away with any other opinion but that the Zeon suits were worthless crap. Once one looks at all the other series made later that expand upon the One Year War, this only solidifies the opinion. Zeon was never successful at anything ever from the very day that Anaheim Electronics made their first prototype Mobile Suit. Every single Zeon Mobile Suit was mowed down in VAST numbers by what was supposed to be its “equivalent”. Even the very best of the best of their pilots died easily when put against ROOKIES in a Federation mobile suit that supposedly had the same stats. Even when piloting a Zeon suit that was supposedly SUPERIOR to what the Federation was using, a single Federation suit would take down their entire squad and them kill them pretty much single-handedly.
When one sees this record, and one keeps in mind that the whole purpose of the Titans was to rally against terrorists from Space whole could, simply by taking over a city sized space station, wipe out half the life on Earth again, there is absolutely no way whatsoever to justify this elite Earth Federation squad choosing to use Zeon Mobile Suits AND, moreover, paint them in the same colors that Zeon used.
This was simply incredibly lazy design where someone said “Gundam= Good Guys, Zaku = Bad Guys”. It fails every single test of being internally consistent within the world created.

Worship of Char - Char came away from the One Year War with an incredibly bad War Record. Not only did he lose every single battle he fought from the day he first laid eyes on the Gundam, he got every single person assigned to him-- even incredibly rare and valuable New Types-- killed in the process. Every single person he was assigned to protect died right before his eyes. The only positive thing one could say was that he was such a coward, he ran away from every battle with his tail tucked between his legs whimpering like a dog and thus survived. And if what he did to Garma and Kycelia got out? (one would have trouble imagining how it would, but maybe it did) Then he would be seen for the two-faced, lying, backstabbing, honorless little weasel he was. No one should like him!
But… since the character was the recurring villain throughout the first series and had lots of toys of him made, he became popular among the audience and so even though he died in a manner that would have been impossible to survive (he had a Warship that magically blew up because he shot a infantry bazooka into the bridge blow up in a giant fireball IN HIS FACE), he was brought back and the main character of the new series was made his devoted worshiper before they even met.

Kamille stealing the Gundam - Okay, first-- we have this little twerp who gets into a fistfight with soldiers serving to protect his colony from terrorists, an organization his parents belong to, over one… pointing out his name is feminine? Yeah, why not take a trip over to a military base yourself and see how starting a fistfight with the officers there works out for you. Then they hold him in a “secure” area with apparently NO guards. Right by where they are testing the most valuable piece of military hardware… again… with NO guards. And, apparently anyone can just step right into this highly valuable mobile suit and turn it on with no problem. This is all really, really badly written.

The Titans don’t kill Kamille - Okay, so the Titans not only let this punk kid steal their valuable mobile suit, but they CHOOSE to let it fall into the hands of their enemy rather than destroy it on the spot. Who does that? Moreover-- over the next several episode they give chase in ships that are apparently as fast or faster than the AEUG ship given that they can pick up more mobile suits and pilots along the way and even head back and get Kamille’s mother and then meet with the ship again… they even exchange a pilot… all this time trying to peacefully negotiate the release of the Gundam Mk. II-- even after AEUG KILLS their pilots!! This entire time they CLEARLY had the option of engaging the AEUG ship 3 on 1 and blowing the hell out of it with their beam cannons and thus eliminating their enemies all together… and they CHOOSE to let themselves be systematically killed off instead.

That is as far as I got in the series, but by less than halfway through the series it was made abundantly clear that the series was one of the worst written Gundam series of them all. I really don’t understand why it is held in such high regard. I managed to get all the way through the supposedly really bad Seed, Seed Destiny, G Fighter and Wing (and I am happy to cite all their flaws)-- but only this and the second series of 00 were so offensively terrible that I chose not spend my time finishing them.

Yea but that could be said for almost any series, they do what they must to forward the plot. For some series it fails, for some it works. The thing I didn’t like about Zeta is it felt very removed from MSG, if it wasn’t for the reocurring characters I would say it was a different series. A kid piloting Gundam is what the series is about, remember this was marketed orginally to preteens/teens, shows that do that tend to make their hero the same age or a little older than their target audience because they know thier audience wants to imagine themselves being the hero.