Zeta Gundam Blu-Rays: What happened to the opening & closing credits?

Hello. I am watching Zeta Gundam on the Blu-rays that a friend of mine bought, and we are both wondering what happened to the opening and closing credits music? IT’S NOT THERE! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OPENING AND CLOSING THEMESONGS?!
We are speculating that it was a copywrite issue: that someone didn’t want to give up the rights to the songs. Or perhaps the author wanted too much money for them, which has happened before. Does any one have any information in this area? James Staley

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This is the 1st I’ve heard of this, I only have the DVD versions released from RightStuf so I can’t confirm or not.

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Are you referring to the original Japanese openings? If so, then yes there is a bit of a copywrite issue in that Neil Sedaka (yes, that Neil Sedaka) helped with composing the music for them; in particular Zeta’s second opening is based off of an unpublished song of his. The issue comes from the fact that he (or his estate) does not want to release the copywrites for them. Whether it is because Neil thought it was a bit of an old shame when he needed some money (which does tend to happen in the entertainment industry more often then you think) or some other reason is unlcear.

So here are the original Japanese openings:

Compare those to the NA release versions for both DVD and Blu-Ray:

Bonus points, here is the original Japanese ending song:

And compare that to the NA release ending:

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Most probable copyright issue as @Zeta_II stated. U.S. TV series releases suffer from this issue all the time, people mentioned that certain songs or music that were in the original airing was (were) missing in the DVD or Blu-Ray release because of licensing issues. Most probable the people releasing them on the media was too cheap to pay for the licenses and caused them to be missing, omit, or replaced on the media releases.

I have since learned that it was a copywrite issue, but the issue is/was that the songs were not allowed to be played outside of ASIA. I’ve never heard of songs being licensed only for certain geographical regions before, but that’s what I just learned. JS