Zero's Collection

Hello everyone, and welcome. I’ve been doing a little reorganizing after my last order of kits and have decided to post an overall list of my collection I still currently own. After a fifteen year hiatus I resumed the hobby in October during a serious injury, and it has definitely helped carry me through many hours of mind numbing pain. I realize how hard it is to find information on certain kits or techniques, and I would like to start contributing a bit more with what I’ve picked up and learned. This board has been great, and I’m glad to see it has been running consistently for the past few weeks I have popped in here and there. This thread will just be an overall look at my collection, and any new hauls and builds I will bring home. I snap build kits regularly, and have been waiting for some warmer weather to resume painting and detailing again. If you have any questions about any of the kits in my collection, I would be glad to try and answer them. I have attached a picture of the boxes I was arranging, but will take pictures of the models soon as I catalog them and prepare for customs and painting.

Only about five of these kits are in my backlog, and the rest are built and posed, ready for a photoshoot.

Finally starting the PG that has been sitting around.

Good sir, that is one impressive collection.

A big collection of mostly major releases. You literally have a wealth of hours worth of entertaining builds with those kits. Looking forward to the pics.

That’s a whole lotta’ hours spent right there. Can’t wait to see the finished models.

Thank you, I am glad you like choices so far.

Hopefully I’ll have something more than just snap builds to show off, and I definitely need all your help for some good suits that aren’t just the obvious buys. I’ve only just started to watch the original show to catch up on the different suits and stories.

Impressive collection zero, looking forward what you’re gonna do to that PG GP01.

Why thank you, my good Knight. Hope it won’t disappoint, as I’m prepping the pieces for the first phase already.

Your collections amazed me, sir. can’t wait to see the finished ones.