Zero's Build

Hello and welcome to my thread. I am completely clueless on the series, but I’ve been interested ever since I built a simple non grade kit more than 15 years ago. I have finally started building gundam models to help keep my hands busy during an injury. After throwing a ton of money into a bunch of kits and simply snapping them together, I thought I might as well keep on with it, and see how far I can take it. This thread is started just to help keep tabs on my projects and maybe get some helpful hints and tips.

PG Golden Blood Frame (Red Frame) Astray 1/60

Not sure what I was thinking when I chose this as my first paint project. I really fell in love with the MG Red Frame, which looked amazing with just a few decals and a satin topcoat. I had already assembled and sanded the PG Strike, so I thought I had a fairly good idea of what I was getting into. I ordered the kit, primed my airbrush and paints, and began. I wanted to stay close to the original color scheme, but definitely wanted a nice noticeable twist as well. I painted the entire internal skeleton a titanium gold, and the armor as well. As much as I liked the gold armor, I wanted to let the metallic shine through clear red, giving an amazing depth through different lighting. Gunmetal was used on the feet, torso, and a few other details. Now for some pictures.



  1. PG Red Frame Astray (Golden Blood Frame)
  2. MG Buster Gundam

In Progress

  1. MG Wing Zero Custom (ArchZero)
  2. MG 02 Banshee
  3. MG Sazabi Ver Ka

Well I’ll be the 1st to say, welcome to the forums. You certainly know how to make an entrance. We sure don’t see many PG projects around here so this is a nice surprise. I hope you enjoy here with us.

As for the PG Astray, you certainly chose a good one. And I really like those colors. I can’t wait to see more.

Welcome to the boards! Glad to have a fellow Astray lover on board. That color scheme is looking slick. Very different and very nice.

Thank you both for the welcome. The community seems great, and there is definitely a lot to learn here from everyone. This first project is almost complete, and hopefully I’ll be able to post something useful from my endeavors.

edit: heres a few more pictures of the red frame. you’ll notice the laziness if you look close, like using the file a little too generously, or not waiting long enough for the paint to dry properly. patience is another thing I’m working on with these, hah.

I love it. I really can’t see any imperfection with this kit. It’s all in your head, man! Happens to all of us.

I love the gold and red color scheme. It matches with the katana and gives the whole kit a royal feel.

I agree, that is a spectacular color scheme for the Red Frame. The details you did on the Katana are awesome. Well done good sir.

Thank you all again for the compliments. Due to the photo limits per post, I’ve decided to leave out the less flattering pictures. I had issues a bit of course with paint coming off on some pieces, as you can see on the cockpit door. Not sure if it was the lack of primer, or if I rushed to assemble some of the pieces before properly drying. Taking a look at the other build threads to get a better idea.

I can see that small little mishap, but it really isn’t all that bad. Always remember to let your parts cure for at least a day before assembly.

Yeah, I feel more than satisfied with the outcome, remembering how little I planned ahead. Ive been trying to use thinner coats of paint, and definitely agree you need at least a day’s worth of drying. I took a few decent shots so if I scratch it up posing, i’ll either touch it up or weather it down with a little damage. I figure anything can be fixed, with enough desire and effort.

Another one of about four scratches. Most occurred before I misted the model with a light gloss coat.

That is true, anything can be fixed. You just gotta get the motivation to do it.

Motivation is hard to come by lately haha. Still working on therapy for my right hand and arm, and unfortunately I’m right handed. I’ve started a new project, since I just can’t wait for the paint I need to put some finishing touches on the PG Astray.


Per my usual assembly methods, I’ve begun to cut out and bag the pieces by sprue. I trim the nubs off at this point, but file/sand later.

I like to get mostly everything expect weapons out of the sprues and into the bags, since I’ve never had an issue identifying a piece by instruction images. Really enjoying the different colors on the Buster. The green and cream really give it a nice edge, without catching the eye too much from the solid and lean looking limbs. The shoulders look like they might get in the way sometimes with the size of the launchers up there, but the skirt and leg pieces all look to be well placed. Going to put a little more work in while I decide how I’d like to paint this machine.

So to update my Buster build, I have mixed my colors and have started spraying. Working on the torso first, I am satisfied with keeping the colors original. Except I wanted the green to strike a little more, so I went with some metallic to the green. Next the head…

Glad it’s going well. I dig that green you have there. It reminds me of what Thwalker did with his Master Gundam.

Oooh, wow, that metallic green looks good. A fitting enhancement to the original colors.

Thanks, glad you guys like the green. I thought about doing a camo stencil over the Buster, but I just figured I want to get used to laying down paint with the airbrush. Judging from my results so far, can anyone say if I would benefit from priming beforehand? My next project is an MG Banshee 02, placed behind the buster because of the psycho frame. I really do not want any scratches from all those armor pieces shifting between unicorn and destroy, so I’m trying to get the most out of this current build.

If you want a more durable finish, definitely prime. It gives the paint much more to grab on to, and helps prevent chipping.

Oh man I love that green. The Buster will for sure look great with that on it.

that green is awesome, its almost like a metallic british racing green.

Thank you all for the encouragement. And I figured I would have to start priming, since I have to work on my filing/sanding as well. Haven’t done much work, enjoying the stormy movie weather. But just wanted to throw the few pieces together.
The red-orange of the torso glows almost pink in direct sunlight, with the metallic I used to mix in to match the theme. I kind of like it anyway.