Zeonic Knighthood: The One Year War.

So I decided to start sharing my fan fic. Everyone is talking about theirs, so I thought I’d put up. Hope you enjoy.
Btw, prepare for a wall of text. This is the introduction.

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  Knights. Special units formed in the Zeon military’s infrastructure that house the utmost skilled pilots. Currently within the late years of 0077 in the Universal Century, nine knight Units exist; three reside in space, three on Earth’s surface, and three within the depths of Earth’s seas. Each Knight unit is comprised of a Paladin and two Guards. These nine units keep the same members for their entire existence, and should an entire unit fall, it would be lost forever.

  -0077, Universal Century – Lagrange 2, A Baoa Qu 

  Lieutenant Everette Lancaster gripped the handle that pulled him through the long hallways in the massive military base. He wasn’t nervous, more so curious. He had been summoned by both Gihren and Dozle Zabi, but was given little information on what he was even summoned for. It had been over two years since he had personally met with anyone of the Zabi family, and none of those encounters had ever been good news.

  Everette came to a halt in front of a white door. He paused for a moment before entering the next room. Once inside Everette found himself in front of a long table encrusted with the gold clad symbol for the Principality. At the head of the table sat not two, but three Zabi family members. Degwin Sodo Zabi had joined their party and kept the same cold yet wise demeanor even outside of his throne.

  “Take a seat Lieutenant” Degwin called out. Everette proceeded to make his way to the chair next to Dozle. Dozle was the least threatening, and if anything, easiest to relate to. That is to say if relating to a rock is easy.

  “We have something for you that we think will prove most useful. Gihren, elaborate for him” continued Sodo Zabi.

  “Since the incline in hostility from the Earth Federation, we have decided that the current skirmishes taking place do not make for substantial advances. Our final decision was to create something powerful, something quick, something effective. So I personally handpicked you Lieutenant Lancaster to be the first Paladin for the Principality of Zeon” 

  “What do you mean?” Everette questioned.

  “Between Dozle and myself, we decided we needed to create an assault team of the finest pilots to carry out any specific operations that require someone of say, your area of finesse. And you shall be the leader. We are already conceptualizing what other two pilots would make good paladins.” Gihren went on.

  “So will they be accompanying me?”

  “No they will not. Instead you will be given the choice for two Guards. You will be an advanced mobile suit team, so we will be evaluating who you choose. There would be no reason to hand out positions to such an elite team if they weren’t worthy.” Gihren finished. Then sat back down and crossed his fingers.

  “You will be the leader for the Knights of A Baoa Qu. Technically you will be under my command but you direct orders fall from Gihren. I have two other units that I will be directing on my own account. You should feel honored! You are the first Knight in Zeon’s existence.” Dozle said, being very smug.

  “What am I to do about Mobile Suits within the team? I am in authority to select what we use?” Everette continued to question.

  “The choice is completely yours. If you would like, we could have our engineers develop a suit for you personally” Dozle continued.

  “No, I already have a suit in mind”

  “Oh really? Anything, and it’s yours Lieutenant”

  “Get me a Zudah.”

  “Are you mad!? That suit is still experimental! Even still, the Zudah itself would kill you before any Federation pilot would!” Dozle bellowed.

  “I fully understand the hindrances of the Zudah, but it doesn’t matter to me. I feel that that machine can outperform any other in our military. I want one.” Everette pressed.

Dozle sighed to himself; both Gihren and Dozle intrigued by Everette’s choice in MS. “It’s yours. We only have sixty of the new models, but I wouldn’t want them in anyone else’s hands.” Dozle finished and sat back into his chair, almost as if he was disappointed in Everette’s decision.

  “We will be briefing you when the other two Knight teams are made up. Be sure to appoint your Guards and head fill out a full report on your new mobile suit. Have the engineers do twice as much maintenance on that unit.” Gihren finished. Everette stood erect and saluted before pivoting and leaving the room. The white doors closed behind him, leaving half of the Zabi Family behind him.

-0077, Universal Century – Lagrange 2, Side 3

  Hot tea funneled it’s into a stout cup trimmed with silver and dressed in white. A gloved hand reached down and grabbed the skillfully crafted handle of the cup and brought it to the lips of a young Serbian man. His brown hair was held back in a tight ponytail, his bangs tucked behind his ears.  His green eyes reflected the amber tea within the cup.

“It’s been hundreds of years since anyone has made fine artwork such as this. Even on Earth, handcrafted china is hard to come by.” Spoke an elderly voice, twinged with wisdom. She sat opposing the man with a very proper posture.

“Thank you, baka*” spoke the man. *baka is Serbian for grandmother

“It amazes me that through all of these years we still have taught our children these languages. I’m sure glad your father never forgot how to speak our language. In today’s day, most languages aren’t upheld anymore. Not since we started in space colonies. Your father was a good man, Michelob” told the elderly woman.

“I only wish I could have met such a man you speak of, baka. Mom doesn’t speak about him the same way.”

“Nonsense, dear. Your father was called to serve his purpose. Your mother isn’t right to blame him for what couldn’t be done” She continued. A knock echoed from the doorway, startling the old woman. Michelob made his way towards the door and opened it to two men dressed in Zeonic uniform.

“Lieutenant Junior Grade Michelob Rauer” Spoke one of the men. “You are needed at Solomon Immediately. Please follow us sir” Michelob turned to his grandmother and she nodded.

“I’ll need my uniform officers. I’ll be back shor-“ Michelob began

“No time sir. We have a uniform prepared for you in the shuttle”

“Let’s make way then gentlemen”

Michelob was led through a series of transportation before arriving on the rocky mass that was the Military Base Solomon. Once a Mining Asteroid for the construction of space colonies, it later became home to Dozle Zabi and his personalized command center.

“It’s been a good while since I’ve seen Dozle. He hasn’t atrophied at all has he? I wouldn’t want to walk in and suddenly be intimidating to him”

Michelob joked to his escort. His escort kept a stoic face before answering.

“Even if he had lost all of his muscle Lieutenant Junior, he would still be twice as big as you”

“Aha, funny man you are. I know my way from here, thank you.” Michelob ordered, continuing on his own. On chance, he happened to catch Dozle entering the room with him.

“Ah Michelob, glad to see you made it here without those damned shuttle pilots landing you right into the side of the main complex.”

“You know, I’ve never had that great of a time with them either; feels like they pilot the shuttle with their teeth.” Dozle let out a chuckle before straightening up.

“I have something to show you; and I think you’re going to like it.” Dozle opened the doors to his main command room, still full with around the clock workers. “Come and take a seat next to the main screen”

“I’m guessing that I’m going to be put on time-out for using my Zaku II for non-military purposes” threw Michelob

“Let’s be serious about this Michelob. With war staring us in the face from around the corner, this is necessary.” Michelob’s smirk faded and he sat up listening to Dozle, “Since Yesterday we have integrated a new unit to the military. Properly, we have named them Knights. Gihren has already appointed the first leader of the Knights of A Baoa Qu. I however, am appointed you the Paladin of the Knights of Solomon. You get to choose two Guards that we will test for their skill in piloting a mobile suit, and you can choose all three units your team will be using. Any questions?”

“Hmmm…Who is the first Paladin?” asked Michelob, not resting his chin on his hand.

“Gihren appointed Lieutenant Lancaster as the Paladin.”

“Everette? I should have guessed. He’s the crowd favorite and all. Given he’s good, but I mean, I know plenty who can out-fly him. Well then… what mobile suit did he end up choosing?”

“The Lieutenant chose the EMS-10 Zudah as his main MS. I don’t think it was a good decis-“

“Show it to me.”

Dozle stopped midsentence to cover his face with his hand. Through his palm he mumbled for one of the technicians to pull up the Zudah onscreen. Michelob overviewed the statistics for the sleek suit before turning back to Dozle Zabi.

“What’s with these test failure reports here” asked Michelob singling out a group of reports.

“The Zudah is an experimental suit that has the unfortunate outcome of exploding if the generator is pushed to its limit.” elaborated the head technician.

“What causes the power plant to combust that way?” Michelob questioned.

“Due to the extreme speeds the Zudah can reach, the radiator has trouble keeping up. The generator then overheats and causes the suit to tear itself apart from the inside.”

“Get me one. Also, get me six of our best mechanics and engineers. We’re going to fix that radiator.”

“You cannot be serious Michelob. The Zudah is dangerous and unreliable” Dozle began.

“I like it. It’s new, and I’ll make a few runs with the new radiator to see just how capable it is. What does it come equipped with?” Michelob continued. The technician pulled up the arsenal panel.

“Standard Issue 120mm Machine Gun, Sturm Faust, a heat hawk, assault shield and a 135mm Anti-Ship rifle.” 

“Have one shipped to my hangar here in Solomon immediately.” Michelob commanded before turning for the door.

“You still need to appoint two guards. Please choose a little wiser than your Mobile Suit” Dozle grieved.

“Don’t worry, I know just the two.” Michelob replied before exited the main complex towards his hangar.

Very impressive in creativity and a superb start, hope to see more. forgot to mention, i loved the way you introed one of the protagonists. very Zeonic and very cool you incorporated some of the actual characters from the UC universe. a very new look at the OYW and its inception. also, thanks for giving the Zudah its justice. again hope to see more.

Good work SFA, can’t wait for the next installment, I also like who you’re giveing the zudah it’s due, but I’m still hopeing for a explodeing one in the story. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really like it since I’m a HUGE U.C. fan and Well I love Zeon. (I think the user name gave it away.)

I would have never guessed Cha-, I mean Casva-, I mean… well… yeah.

Make More Make More yes yes

You’ll have to give me a bit. I have a lot written but there are a few parts holding me up from posting the next installments. There will be more soon.

Update: So I’ve gotten pieces all back together. You can expect to see a large amount of content within the week.

I look forward to it. Also, concering MSG: Advent, Chapter 14 coming soon.

thats what she said!!!

-0077, Universal Century – Lagrange 2, A Baoa Qu

The paint-chipped walls of the development wing within A Baoa Qu gave Everette a slight sense of home. He wasn’t born into a very wealthy family, and they settled for what they could. The paint was even the same light mint green his house was, yet it irritated him. Everette burst through the doors into the Weapon Development Wing.

“When I say I want a damn sword, that means, I want a damn sword. Don’t give me some hack job Heat-hawk. I don’t want it to be a heat weapon, just give me my sword.” 

“Yes sir, Lieutenant, of course. There are just some slight problems with our design.” scrambled one of the engineers.

“And what might that be?”

“Due to the structure of the design of the sword, it isn’t stable enough to be anti-ship rather than just anti-mobile suit. The blade would shatter.”

“So how do you suppose we fix this problem?”

“It isn’t simple, or clear, but I’m sure if we change the shape of the blade and replace the core, the sword just may cut through one of our test Chivvays.”

“So why haven’t you done that then?”

“The materials are extremely hard to get and take time, Lieutenant. The earliest we can have this sword to you is within the next couple of weeks.”

“I need that sword to be done in one.” Everette retorted, as he pivoted and left the Development Wing. He met up with Alice Windenmire and Wilhelm Cassius, his two Guards that he had hand picked.

“I assume things went well then?” joked Alice.

“I am curious. How are they doing?” said Wilhelm in a bit more serious manner.

“I’m going to ask Gihren to rush some supplies to that team. I need that sword to be quality work, and I need that sword for testing for the week after. We only have a few scrap ships to test on, and I don’t want to let Michelob and his team waste away at them with his Anti-Ship Rifle. The rounds for that thing are expensive anyway, and with this sword, there is no ammunition.”

“Could not agree with that statement more, sir” ended Alice.

-0078 Universal Century - Lagrange 2, Solomon

The Zaku I’s verniers screamed in unison as the training team came into the hangar. Each of the four Zaku I’s was for training purposes, and each had a unique stripe on the ramming shoulder. The roar of the reactors could be heard winding down all the way from the halls behind the observation deck. At random, each cockpit purged and produced two pilots.

“That was a phenomenal flight Chief Petty Officer. Keep it up” spoke the instructor as he stepped lightly out from the training cockpit next to Jerimia’s.

“Thanks sir, I learned from the best”

“Damn straight you did. Alright everyone listen up. You have twenty minutes to eat before your last flight for the day. I hope some of you have better aim this time around,” barked the Instructor. Jerimia hopped out from the cockpit and crossed the Hangar.

“As long as we have pilots like you Jerimy, I think the Feddies don’t stand a chance!” Jerimia whipped around to see a curly haired pilot he only half recognized.

“Thank you. I’m only trying to uphold the standard for Zeon”

“Well I think I’m pulling that standard a little down. I cant seem to hit any of my marks.”

“I think you’re doing just fine.”

“Really? Than-“  the curly haired pilot was interrupted by a very strong arm moving his zero gravity anatomy out of the way. Before Jerimia stood two very muscular Zeon officers.

“Chief Petty Officer, you are needed in the observation deck”

“Of course.” Jerimia saluted and headed off towards the main hall, leading to the observation deck. A few pilots whispered something around him, but he paid no mind. The autonomous door revealed the window clad room before him. Another set of Zeon officers stood by the main window, one of them beckoning.

“Chief Petty Officer Jerimia, reporting” he said standing firmly. The chair directly in front of him slowly spun to reveal none other than Kycillia Zabi.

“How would you like to skip your last training session?”


“I’ve seen a couple of your runs, only recently have they been in person. I’ve decided I wanted you for a special project that I feel only you would fit in to.”

“Anything for the glory of Zeon, Lady Kycillia.”

“Good. I’m sure you’ve heard of the two special forces we’ve recently added, correct?”

“The Knights of Zeon, ma’am?”

“Quite. Well, how would like to lead a new one.” Lady Kycillia then leaned over with her elbows pinning the desk and her fingers crossed.

“But, Lady Kycillia, I thought you were adding Ensign Ridden to that new group?” piped one of the guards.

“I have other plans for Johnny Ridden; his talents are needed elsewhere”

“My apologies, Lady Kycillia, but you are requesting that I fill in a spot for Ensign Johnny Ridden?”

“Yes exactly. I only require that you request a mobile suit. I would advise not choosing any of our mass production suits. Someone with your ability would be much more well suited for something a bit more tailored.” There was a pause between the two as Jerimia let the whole scene imprint on him.

“I always was a fan of M’Quve’s mobile suit”

“The Gyan? That ratty thing. Listen, I can get you something much more worth your while.”

“Of course, Ma’am.”

“Excellent, pack your things. You will be escorted to your new base of operations in a few hours.”

-0079.01.14 Universal Century - Lagrange 2, Solomon

“That thing is useless! Utterly useless!”

“No, it’s flawless! There are so many positives to having this sword, than that stupid rifle of yours! You don’t need to reload, it costs nothing to the military to use it, and it doesn’t need all the maintenance and repairs.”

“So then why did you add a silly headcrest to the top of your suit? I didn’t know you liked your mobile suits looking like fowl.” Michelob and Everette went on, yelling at each other and flailing there arms in direction to the others Zudah in criticism. The four new Zaku II’s for each guard was being painted and properly outfitted for their first upcoming run.

“Why did you go with purple? That doesn’t seem as masculine to me as it should.”

“Well it looks better than your tombstone grey. At least I won’t be reminded to kill myself whenever I see my Zudah.”

“It makes the trim stand out you ponce”

“…What is that. What’s going on that Zaku…ANOTHER HEAD CREST? Are you mad? I’m sorry, but if I was the enemy, I wouldn’t be so intimidated by a team of chicken looking mobile suits.” Baeo had left his diagnostics panel to come inform the two bickering pilots.

“Hey, move the Zudahs back. We have three mobile suits that are on their way to the hangar.”

“Three new MS? Oh don’t tell me…”Michelob stormed off and snappily grabbed his winch, pulling him up to his cockpit.

“So what are they coming for? Who are they?” Everette was becoming concerned. The more ‘special force’ units they make, the less ‘special’ they are.

“I have no clue sir.” Baeo turned and headed back to his diagnostics panel to finish tune ups on the Zaku IIKOS type. It was only about fifteen minutes before the Hangar began to open. The siren shooed away all the personnel from the main opening. From the distance, all Michelob could see where three flashes making their way. The runway assistance engages and Michelob lost interest.

“I’m staying up here. You meet ‘em”	

“Brat” Everette murmured to himself. Another set of Zakus had made their way into the hangar, led by a very strange looking mobile suit. The three had come to a firm touchdown and powered down. Making their way out of the cockpit was a masked pilot, followed by the Zakus pilots. The two Zaku Pilots headed off towards the mess hall, paying no mind to any one in the Hangar. The masked pilot made their way to Everette. The pilot then took off his helmet, revealing himself.

 “My name is Chief Petty Officer Jerimia of the Knights of Granada. I was sent by Lady Kycillia with full intention to be a major part of this project.”

“So, this makes three. Welcome. I am Lieutenant Everette Lancaster. I am the first Paladin of Zeon. You said you were sent by Kycillia Zabi?”

“Yes sir.”

“Indeed. Well then; get your guards and have them move their mobile suits into one of the open stalls, along with yours.”

“Yes sir, of course” rushed Jerimia as he pivoted to find his guards. Michelob whizzed down on his winch and made way towards Everette.

“He looks young.”

“This roster says he’s out from training early. He has a signed leave and everything. I suppose that means he’s good then?”

“We’ll find out once we make this run.”

“I’m not sure he’s issued to go on our recon op. He only just got here.”

“Well he’s a knight isn’t he? Then he’s going.” Michelob gave a sharp look to Everette. Four figures appeared from the distant hall, one of them splitting off towards Michelob and Everette.

“Oh boy I’d tell ya’, those two are some steamin’ suckers.”

“What do you mean, Zed?” asked Everette

“Well from what I can gather, they ain’t too happy with their new boss. If my ears told me right, they said that Johnny Ridden was supposed to be wit’ ‘em. Now I ain’t know fer’ sure, but it seems about right.”

“Why wouldn’t they have sent Ensign Ridden? I went through training with him, he’s an extremely good pilot.”

“Beats me. Wait, what kinda mobile suit is that? Looks like that one Gyan we had fixed up for M’Quve an’ Shin, only this one looks meaner.”

“Go find out then, Zed” egged on Michelob. The mechanic waddled off towards the new set of MS to confront Jerimia on his mobile suit. Jerimia made his way down his winch to see the grime covered man.”

“So what kind of mobile suit is this sonny?”

“This is the Gyan Krieger from Zimmad Company. It’s still in it’s early stages and is so far only a test type. I don’t know much about it, just that I’m one of two to have one at the time. Lady Kycillia said she had to pull a lot of strings to get this, and not to break it.”

“Now I promise I won’t break nuttin’, but mind if I look around?”

“Sure. I think the verniers are still a little too heavy on the turning however. Can you figure that out? Apparently they had only started working on these for ground combat.”

“I can fix that no problem.” 

“Thank you. I’m sorry, what’s your name?”

“I’m Zachary Yaltson, the Chief Mechanic here in the Halberd base. Everyone here just calls me Zed.”

“Alright Zed have at it.” Jerimia waved and headed to where Everette was standing. Everette was accompanied by a man with long brown hair along with a pair of male and female zeon officers. 

“So Jerimia, it’s about time you met the lot of us” spoke Everette fanning out his arms to gesture. “These are my two guards, Alice and Wilhelm. To my right is the second Paladin of Zeon Michelob”

“This ‘lively’ bunch behind me are, Baeo and Shaea Arlock. They’re twins from Side 3 where we grew up. Now I suppose it’s your turn.” said Michelob in a joking manner.

“Right of course! I’m Jerimia. I didn’t get to pick my guards, but this is Luca and Kaito. So I guess everyone here has a male and female Guard?” asked Jerimia.

“It would appear that way. Anyway, we’re about to sortie. We have a recon operation in thirty minutes. Be quick about it.” snapped Everette. Everyone stilted into a salute and scattered to each mobile suit. The monotonous alarm sounded as the Hangar door opened, followed by the runway assists. One by one, each mobile suit made their way out of the Hangar.

“Follow my team to the Musai. We’re going to be intercepting their path out of here. They just resupplied and we’re hitching a ride towards Loum,” called Everette over the coms. Each one of the knights made their way into the Musai. Syzygy was painted across the rear engine hulls of the Musai. Next to the lettering was a painting of a crescent moon overlapping the earth which overlapped the sun.

-0079.01.15 Lagrange 2, Side 5 “Loum”

“Alright, try to keep up. We need to be in position before the Federation gets here. This whole trap should go flawlessly as long as we get there in time.” Michelob voiced over the coms. The nine mobile suits flashed off the catapult and towards Loum. Taking cover in pits within debris and small asteroids, the three Knight teams waited.

“Lieutenant Michelob…”

“Yes Jerimia?”

“We aren’t actually commencing an Operation British II are we?”

“No we’re not. That was false intel to get the Federation to Side 5. This whole event was rigged.”

“Alright. What is our objective in this ambush?”

“We are here to aid the Black Tri-Stars in their main objective. They are donning black and purple Zakus, so they will be difficult to spot. Their objective is a hostage mission.”

“Hostage mission? Who are they getting?”

“We’ll soon find out.” Michelob said eerily.

“Cut the chatter. We have visuals.” Everette spoke in. In the distance was a large glow of burning engines. Magellan and Salamis class warships made their way into the ambush space. A com transmission was being fed to the Knight teams.

“This here is Lieutenant Gaia. Request confirmation response: Sands of time. Please respond”

“Hourglass. We copy you Gaia. Is your team all checked?” asked Everette.

“Confirmed. We’re gonna’ spin around back of ‘em an’ look for the big baddy warship. Upon our launch support our move.”

“Copy that. Michelob, Jerimia; alert your guards of the battle and mission status. Estimated five minutes before operation start” Everette commanded.  The Black Tri-Stars took position far from view towards the back of the battle space.

Fire opened up between both sides as warships spat beam cannons and missiles towards each other. The hectic mess made seeing even several battleships at once a difficult task. Each Paladin took constant note of their GUIHUD and kept an eye one the Black Tri-Star’s position. Without notice, a massive cyan beam erupted through the battle space an continued throughout to the ends of the abyss. No warships were hit, but about three of them had been caught in the vacuum and had pulled their ships out of alignment.

“Now’s our chance boys! Head behind them wonky warships and come deep into the back of ‘em! We’ll find our ship!” piped Gaia.

“Yeeeeeeehaawww!” exclaimed mash and Ortega. The three black Zakus burst out towards the warline. Everette signaled as each Paladin led their Guards right behind them.

“Split up, but don’t veer off from the Tri-Stars!” Michelob commanded. He turned hard and led his two Zakus to a small group of Salamis class warships, lighting them up. The three units orbited the ship, firing at all vital points. Baeo clipped the main engine and kicked hard away from the ship before it ruptured. Michelob signaled towards the next few Salamis warships.

Jerimia followed behind Everette’s team, the Zudah beginning to speed up. The Knights of Granada where halted by a flash of cannon fire in front of them. A Magellan class had opened fire on the team, spotting them.

“Go towards the Salamis taking note! I have the Magellan!” Jerimia called out. Kaito sped off towards the Salamis, but Luca seemed to have other plans and trailed Everette. The Gyan Krieger anviled it’s feet into Magellan. Panicking, the crew tried to reroute the cannons but only too late. Jerimia smashed the surveillance deck with the Krieger’s shield and pulled out the massive beam lance. Driving the hot spike through the main hull of the warship, the hot wreck led to an array of destructive events, ending all personnel onboard. Jerimia returned to aid Kaito, who had just finished off the Salamis. They both then regrouped with the Knights of Solomon.

“Where is your other guard!?” shouted Michelob over the coms

“She went off. I had no time to recall her.”

“Right, we need to continue advancing, the Tri-Stars have already found the objective warship.”

“Roger!” The five mobile suits kicked verniers and dove through ships, spraying rounds at any and all mobile armor within their path. They had come across the other Knight team along with Luca, busy fending off ball type mobile armors.

“They’re pathetic, waste them.” Michelob demanded. The five scattered in a star like pattern and whizzed by all opposing forces. Balls ripped and detonated, almost as if they were made of paper. Jerimia set off mid-space minds and continued toward his guard. He paused a moment and watched Everette’s grey Zudah spiral around a Magellan, the Anti Ship Sword cutting deep, bright orange rings through the warship. He then zipped turned perpendicular and severed a surveillance deck from another Magellan before regrouping.

“Bad Ass” Jerimia cheered through the coms. Just then his temples tingled and he turned, facing the cannon of a point-blank ball. Two spikes drove through the cockpit of the ball and nearly scraped the Krieger’s mooneye. The purple spikes curved around as Michelob hurled the ball at another formation of balls, detonating the lot of them. The purple Zudah broke upward and took aim at a Salamis in the distance. Two purple Zaku II’s burned by, 120mm rounds sinking into the ship’s armor, and a bazooka round into the cargo bay. A flash spoke out as a 135 HE round beamed through the cargo opening and through the top of the ship.

“We are getting out of here boys! We have what we need!” called Gaia over the coms.

“You heard the man! Move! All Knight teams back to the Syzygy!” ordered Everette.

“Roger” called out all units. The teams moved back to the Syzygy, untouched in the distance. The hatch opened and runway assistance beamed on, guiding each mobile suit into the hangar bay. Each suit stood upright and unarmed with their monoeyes slowly dimming. Michelob was the first to hop out of his cockpit. All of the pilots made their way out amongst the hangar, exchanging what was needed of their mobile suits to the mechanics.

“Ensign Luca to the bridge, immediately” called a voice over the intercom. She turned heel and head away from the group.

“What is she needed for?” asked Michelob.

“Probably to get corrected. She’ll also spend time in the brig, that’s for sure.

“What for?”

“She disobeyed an order from Jerimia. She can argue that she’s a higher rank, but paladins over rank their guards no matter what the status.”

“We didn’t get a choice either.” Spoke a voice from the corner of the room. It was Kaito, standing with his arms crossed.

“What was that?” asked Michelob somewhat angrily.

“I said we didn’t get a choice either. Jerimia didn’t choose us. We didn’t choose him.”

“Why is that a problem?”

“It’s shameful. We’ve piloted mobile suits for almost two years longer than he has; and here he comes, straight out of cadet school and is told to lead us? This is probably the first time he’s ever had experience outside of a training session”

“And who are you to talk?” Everette stood up.  “Unless you helped with Operation British, I don’t think you’ve seen battle yet either. Not only that, but Ensign Ridden has only been out of training for several months. Now, clearly Jerimia can do well. He isn’t dead is he? Last I checked he took out a warship out there.”

“Guys, sit down I can defend myself. I may be new but I’m not a child,” Jerimia said. “Look, it sucks that you aren’t piloting next to Johnny Ridden, but this isn’t changing. Unless you want to leave this special team, things are going to stay the way they are. Deal with it.” The tension was then relieved as an engineer came into the break room.

“So who wants to hear some good news?” asked the engineer.

“What do you got?” asked Baeo

“Well from what we just caught wind of, the Black Tri-Stars just took capture of General Revil!”

“The Federation General?”

“You bet your ass. General Dozle Zabi is on a path to Earth with him now. There’s rumor of a treaty amongst the bridge.”

“We may just win this war early,” Shaea said softly.

“It’d be nothing more than a skirmish then” retorted Wilhelm.

“Also, Captain Gallow is currently discussing promotions”

“Promotions!?” Jerimia was then ecstatic with the news.

“Yessir. Apparently, we have a couple aces upon us as well”

“Like who?” Michelob was curios.

“Well Char Aznable was just promoted to an Ace pilot. Some folks are calling him “The Red Comet”. He downed five warships out there.”

“Damn. That’s remarkable”

“Yessir it is. Johnny ridden also getting a name. Kycillia calls him the “Crimson Lighting”. He apparently has this unicorn on the side of his Zaku too. Not to manly if I say so. He put down only three ships though. Also, there’s this other pilot, Shin Matsunaga is said to be a newtype!”

“Shin? A newtype? How so?” 

“He killed over thirty mobile armors, and didn’t get a single scratch on his Zaku. The guys on his ship painted his Zaku’s head white. Put a big banner on the shield that says “white wolf”

“Why is everyone getting all these names? I want a name!”

“You have a name. It’s the Paladin of Solomon,” said Everette.

“No I mean like a nickname!”

“You want a nickname?”

“Well yeah! I tore up a ton of ships AND mobile armors out there. I want a name!”

“How about Michelob the whiner?” joked Shaea. Michelob turned back and stared at her coldly. 	“You guys better get up to the bridge, Captain Gallow is waiting for you guys,” the engineer said, returning focus back to the exhausted soldiers. They all got up from their seats and made way to the bridge.

AWESOME! Just Awesome man. ive been waiting for this for a long while thanks the wait was worth it. some of my favorite parts are the Reference to actual characters in the universe, and of course the scene where the two senior Paladins, Micholeb and Everette were arguing, it was hilarious i actually laughed. i know your not supossed to, but it actually was funny. great work man. thats better than Zeke Daniels.

Thanks haha. I try to make Michelob more of a comedic character. I hope Asterisk pipes up and reads that arguing part! I try to tie in the fanfic with real events throughout U.C. It leaves a better impression in people’s minds about events they already witnessed take place. It also gives some backstory as I research way too much about the events of the OYW and I like to share my knowledge. Only through a fun way, not a lecturing way.

good good thats how it should be done. btw dont feel bad about studying too much Gundam (if thats what you were implying) i study alot of Mecha Designs and story of all of the Gundam Universe, and its good to tie in “History” with fiction once in a while, its Natures Manurer*

*Reference to a Quote by US Grant said in the BattleTech book Call of Duty lol

Oh, I completely dig what you’ve done with Everette.

Well done good sir! Well done indeed! I love Jerimia’s portrayal and dat badass Gyan Kreiger!! Keep up the good work bro!

I dunno why, but I read this in Pops voice from Regular show. Just youtube that character real quick. Listen to that voice. Yup, I lawled.