Zenki's WIP.

I will agree, the shelf/diorama idea is awesome. I would do that in a heartbeat if I didn’t have cats… I can see the wife now… “Honey? Why is Kate green?” I would be sleeping on the sofa for a month! Nice job with the weapons, are the handles silver or do they just look that way?

Man, that diorama is going to look great. Anything with the Kampfer will look good.

Ah, I see. I don’t think I’ve seen any vehicles in 1/100 scale from the U.C. Timeline, unfortunately. The only thing I can think of is a little car that comes with the MG Gouf.

You said you have a well stocked model railroad shop nearby, so look for HO scale stuff. It will be 1/87th scale, but if you are using it for background clutter it should work. Also, since HO is a very popular scale, there should be plenty of subjects to chose from. Next smaller scale ‘N’ is 1/160 and would be way too small for your use.

I could definitely see that happening with cats… little buggers always seem to find a way to get into stuff they are not supposed to.

The handles are just the gray plastic with bright light reflecting off of them,they are now painted flat black.

Okay so wound up with a little extra money thanks to my dad today so i picked up some purple power,stuff really works wonders.

After only 5 minutes soak and some scrubbing

Spent about an hour and got the majority of paint off all the white pieces

Did not hurt the tamiya primer at all

So far the best moment of the day was when i gave my kid a “gundam” he could play with. Know it’s a not a gundam technically but when your two year old says gundam you can’t help but smile

Purple power is awesome at stripping paint. Glad you made your kid’s day. Is that a HG Sinanju?

It’s going to definitely be a long term work,Figure it will be great to take photos with having a landscape instead of a bare shelf or dresser

as can be said I’ve been searching,kinda trips me out there isn’t really anything out there.

I’ll keep that in mind,I know they have a lot of buildings but the prices on those compared to trees,turf etc… are unreal the cheapest ones are at cheap mg kit price and they just go up,but might be able to get a freight car or too and remove the wheels for a storage container or two now that i think about it

for a joke, That moment when your making a post and after posting realize you have several replies and have to go back to typing.

Its one of the assault kingdom action figures,I would never hand him a sinanju model lol. Had been trying to find one of the large action figures like i had back in the day,was a like foot and a half tall gpo3? the gundam with the nuke,that gets stolen in 0083. trying to find a cool Christmas present and pretty much just gave up,decided he could have that since it’s just been collecting dust on the refrigerator. Gotta find him something cool for Christmas but can’t quite figure it out

You might want to also check out craigslist in your area for anybody getting rid of old HO scale stuff. I know I have scored some car models that way. 91% alcohol is about all that will strip Tamiya paints

Love purple power. Awesome stuff. Glad that it worked out to get that paint stripped off.

And yes, cats are the arch enemy of models. If you got a room with models in it, keep it closed.

The GP03 is a really neat design. One of the most unique Gundam suits out there. I mean, how many Gundams are made to fire a nuclear warhead? It would have been a solid gift.

Will look intoo that seems like they should be some where around here if a small shop like that can stay open.

Girl won’t do cats thankfully. I’m glad it did too really did the trick

Oh i know it was a shocker for me,seems like there not made at all like that any more though

Yes, rubbing alcohol is absolutely wonderful. I got some 99% from Amazon, and it works as a cleaner for the airbrush, thinner for paints, cleaning up panel lining, and for stripping acrylics, enamels, Tamiya and Gunze Lacquers. This is one of the most versatile products that I have comes across.

We’ll looks like we lost all the data from the past reboot but yay! Glad to have my wip thread back,going to play some mwo in minute and when I’m done with that I have pictures of the banshee to show off… God that thing is mess to disassemble.

Okay here is the banshee progress.


Gold paint tamiya ts 21

Matt black tamiya ts6

My main thing in wondering is if I can take my tamiya clear red and do a panel line wash over the gold pieces. From what I understand the tamiya sprays are a synthetic laquer. So that should work if I’m thinking right.

Yep, that’s a lot of parts alright. Reminds me of when I handpainted my Banshee. Not an easy task.

And yeah, Tamiya acrylic clear red shouldn’t do any harm to the lacquer gold, though you’d probably need to do lots of washes depending on the shade of red you want to get.

I’d still clearcoat the gold first. Tamiya is an alcohol based acrylic, and it can eat through lacquer or stain it, especially if you’re using it as a wash where you’ll need to clean it up. You could probably get away with it if you use water (distilled preferably) as the thinner, but this can sometimes not thin properly.

I used tamiya ts-21 on my hg astray gold frame. I actually used 91% iso to clean up some spots where I screwed up the masking. Those tamiya spray cans are indeed synthetic lacquers (whatever that means) so in other words be careful. They are not as strong as real lacquer paints.

@dlinker, it’s honestly quite a daunting task. I couldn’t fit all the navy blue pieces in my paint booth to spray them, ran out of sticky tack and room.

@squee, thanks for the heads up,guess I need to just tack a red real touch marker onto my next GP order.

@ace, yup looking at my tamiya thinners ingredient list it is alcohol based. Sucks but oh we’ll just means stickers for eyes and real touch
for the panel lines.

So here’s a picture of what I finished up last night. Put the initial coat on the navy blue pieces. I chose a much lighter grayish blue rather than black (custom mix) shows up really light in pictures but is about 2 shades darker in person. After seeing the kit I felt a super dark color just would not do all the detail any justice.

Hmmmm, that’s something you don’t see often. You got me curious now to see it when it’s all put together with the gold/red.