Zenki's WIP.

Seeing as how I am going to be ordering 3 more master grades torwards the end of next week and i don’t want to clutter my finished builds thread with unfinished pictures and my sure to be a million questions I figured i would start this up. Either way i have two still in progress and have quite a few questions concerning these two

first off the RG RX-78-2 this is the first one,i will be buying a second to replace all the little missing parts and so i can paint the second body,
Any paint tips for these smaller pieces would be appreciated this is how the models looks now minus the parts that have flew god knows where
these real grade kits are really fragile and seems like parts shoot of compared to falling off

The second is the HGUC RX79-G which i plan on stripping the majority of the paint from it turned out terrible,this was the second kit i painted and these are the first pictures i’ve taken of it since the oob build any tips on paint removal (acrylic) Would be helpful here

The aftermath as i like to call him

The worst of the paint ^^ and first attempt at panel lining on white paint >< so terrible

This panel is one of the reasons i loved that tamiya primer no work involved at all for a perfect finish

Pictures i am more happy to show, i fixed a run in i noticed the ez8’s shield and some progress on the weapons for the kampfer.

One last question where can i find 08th ms team decals i messed up the 08 for the shield learning to do dry transfers i misunderstood how to do it and wound up with a 8 stuck to tape lol. I’ve looked on the model sites but have yet to find them for the 08th ms team models

You’re best on stripping the paint off of the Ground Gundam would be either Power Purple or Simple Green. I have a huge jug of Power Purple that I use, it’ll completely decimate acrylic paint within seconds and it won’t hurt your plastic at all. Just let them soak in a tub for awhile and start scrubbing.

As for the Decals, you might try Samuel Decal on Facebook. I know he has some 08th MS Team decals, as I’ve seen them before. But they will be water slides, not dry transfers.

Thwalker hit it spot on. While I don’t have that stuff, I’ve heard that purple power is excellent. Samuel Decal might be your best bet for water-slides, but keep in mind that it will take at least a couple weeks to get to you.

I’ve used purple power for years on engine bay and car parts clean up and swear by its grease eating ability’s,never would of thought of it as a go to for removing paint. I will definitely pick some up I can definitely see it working. I’ll also look into the Samuel decal,I’m not too bothered by the water slide decal part,i need to learn how to do them anyways,but i will need some kind of setter or softener I’m guessing? From what little I’ve read on the water slides i remember someone on her saying one of the two was essential

setter does help with adhesion but, i’ve seen people apply them with just a tiny drop of water to keep the decal from catching while you’re positioning it. and softer is only really needed for decals going on curved pieces.

Ok well then for a shield i probably only need water then. I might want to order multiples then as it will be my first time using water slides

Use setter and solvent. It will greatly improve the look of the decal, and pretty much eliminate any chance of them peeling off.

Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol) dissolves acrylic paint fast and keeps the integrity of the plastic intact; I highly suggest it.

I use Walthers Solvaset. Stuff works great as both in one. I just lay a small drop down, put the decal on it, move into position and let it dry. Afterwards I’ll put another layer over the decal to set it. Then gloss coat to seal it in.

Ok well i will definitely have to get on it with more supplies,I think i will wait till mid February on the water slides then I’m already looking at spending roughly over 600$ over the next 2 months on model stuff scary its still less than my cigarettes would be over two months

Oh my goodness, that’s a lot of Gunpla. Glad you like this hobby.

Holy splurge Batman. You talking numbers reminds me of when I’d drop 500-1,000 bucks on my car without thinking. Now I have to save for my kits unless money is laying around gathering dust. Which it never is of coarse. But at least you’ll be able to keep yourself busy with all those kits.

This hobby is a slippery slope, but it is definitely worth investing properly. My patience and focus has gone up quite a bit since starting. Good luck on the repaints, it is a different satisfaction to rescue something, than it is just to start from scratch.

It’s mostly the hefty price of the perfect grades which will be just a few dollars short of 300$ I have been a gundam fan since wing first aired though so there’s a lot of kits I’ve wanted for years,trying to knock those out first

I remember those days pretty well, Cars eat so much money. only reason i’m able to splurge like this is it’s Christmas,I still get 150$ or so Christmas money combined from all my relatives,where my girl’s family is pretty well off she usually winds up with 800$ or so. after this big splurge My kit buying will hit one a month or every other month and that’s only going to be when i get close to finished with all the ones lined up.

I could see where this helps with patience,There where several times i was tempted to punt the RG Across the room,I just had to sat it down and come back. really itching to start on the repaint though waiting on my check Wednesday and its so on

Wowza. A kit a month? Now that’s being dedicated to this hobby. Be sure to post pictures! Your WiP thread will be kicking through the entire year.

I’d like to get to the point where i can turn out extremely nice kits,but its definitely going to take alot of practice on these guys. I could have never imagined what it really takes to fully paint a kit nicely from my child hood experiences, and up untill i go back to school in fall i have a lot of free time,figured better building models than wasting that time playing video games or some other hobby when at the end of the day you have really not accomplished anything to show for what you have done.

Made a little more progress on the kampfer weapons, been taking it slow as i’m running thin on projects and it will be another two weeks at least before i have a new kit in.

Started on the shiro figure that came with the EZ-8. painting on this has made me a nervous wreck lol the first human figurine I’ve ever painted.

Also got the display shelf up and Started putting the first layer of the grass stuff on top. I will have to buy the spray glue that goes with it to continue. but it is a long work in progress,this was more of a test to see what kind of coverage i get out of a bag. still have to find small rocks,rock molds for any larger rocks,trees,and i also found a neat waterfall kit for 19.99 at hobby lobby i might buy to put torwards the left side of the shelf. also finding any kind of 1/100th vehicles and such is in the plans.

My hopes is to keep these clumping up to make some bushes/underbrush as this as where i plan on making more of a forest edge/rockface.

The shelf as a whole,and my 1$ victory gundam poster. got it at animax in Memphis seems fairly old they were all starting to kind of yellow on the edges

Also my converted salt shaker for spreading out the grass stuff. its like a very fine powder i almost feel like it could be used for weathering to certain extent

I like the details on the figurine, you got the collar and belt in nice and clean. And always prepare as much room as you can, these kits start taking up a lot of room quick. Great idea on the shelf.

I didn’t know that you were turning a shelf into a diorama-type thing. That’s ingenious! You can find little trees at places like Micheals, if you’re looking for stuff like that. Also, if you’re putting 1/100 scale models there, can I recommend getting some 1/100 scale tanks or cars? That would add to the effect.

You may have been a nervous wreck painting that figure, but it looks amazing. Clean, smooth, and the details are exactly applied.

The diorama shelf is looking nice too. That one pic of it close up really looks like grass turf, haha.

It really is nuts how quick they do take up space,I looked at my dresser and was like there is no way I’m going to fit anymore kits on that,had the shelf sitting in the garage since we moved in (was intended for trash) figured it would be perfect.

The grass stuff i got at the local model railroad/hobby shop has all of that stuff,and in a town with a population of less than 5000 people go figure. What i have really had a hard time trying to find is anything gundam vehicle wise in 1/100 so far all i found is a dopp fighter,looking like its going to be WWII tanks and a cheap corsair model i found at hobby lobby for some background wreckage

That stuff is super easy to use,if i ever make a small stand for the shiro figure i will be using it. pretty much spread glue and dump it with a salt shaker. I always thought it would be more complicated.

Once again thanks for all the compliments guys. I have been thoroughly enjoying this forum. You guys really have a great thing going in the realm of forums. forums with the level of respect everyone here has are few and far in between.