Zenki's Builds

So I am new here. I have to say i have been a fan of gundam for a long time,Going on something like 12 years now and had built several models as a kid. Been a long time since then and I decided to jump back in after re watching several series online. I’ve been posting my model pictures on facebook, however i want to be part of a community where people actually care about the models as adverse to most of my car buddies. So feel free to critique,or give advice these are the first models i’ve made in years and i have been using cheap walmart paints too offset the initial supply cost so bear with me on that one. So for right now because i’m working on my mg kaempfer I’m just gonna throw up a teaser pic of how my mg gundam ez8 was directly after paint and before it got stickered.

haha my car buddies don’t appreciate my gundams either. love the Ez8 man.

Welcome to the boards! that EZ8 looks great. Everybody here is ready to help, give tips, and encourage you. I’m excited to see that Kampfer.

Your lining on that Ez-8 looks great.

Thanks guys,I try to do these as high quality as i can.

Thanks guys,I try to do these as close to professionally as possible with my limited supplies and modeling experience.

Finally finished painting the body on the kampfer,Only have weapons to do and to finish sorting out the chain whip.

Interesting note my girlfriend did the majority of the before paint assembly on this guy. I just trimmed the parts from the trees and removed most of the nubs. i managed too miss two on the left leg ><

Still have to finish sticking decals and stickers on it and seal it,I’m just unsure how i want to do it because it has a whole sheet of dry transfer decals that have no given location in the manual debating on how many to use and where

Welcome to the boards good sir. Nice to have another car guy here. As soon as I saw your username, I thought, now there is a 240SX guy. lol. Your EZ8 and your Kampfer look great, seems like those walmart paints are working pretty well for you.

If you have any questions of any kind, don’t hesitate to ask.

Welcome to the forums Friend! You made me a happy man the moment you showed that Ez8 lol. Btw what kind of camera are you using to show off those puppies?

The Kampfer looks really good, man :slight_smile: Goes to show that even “low-quality” paints can do the job, haha. Looks like it was painted with hobby paints to me.

Welcome to the forums.

Wonderful job! I thought it was painted with “hobby paints” as well. About forgetting nubs, I almost always forget at least one on my painted builds. If you’re hand-painting things, may I recommend Vallejo’s Model Color line? Those are by far the best paints for hand-brushing models.

Welcome bro~

And great looking kits man~ Love the Ez8 :smiley:

You got that right love my s13,picked up the zenki style name quite a few years back when i had an s14. current car is like my second child, its near 100% original and unmolested. I definitely won’t hesitate on questions,I browsed around for about 2 hours before i made an account. It seems like a solid helpful community you guys have going here.

I’ve been using my iPhone 4s got it for .99 cents on a att upgrade. I would love a canon rebel or similar dslr but at 500$ + there’s too many other things I would rather buy

I was actually very scared to use the walmart paints at first tested them on a HG Zaku II before i touched the ez8. Glad they worked out the way they did.

i’m a bit nuts when it comes to those little details though drives me crazy when i miss one lol. As far as the paints These first models were more of a test to see if i even liked building them still and to see if i could manage to paint them nicely. If i stay in it i plan on buying an airbrush setup,but untill then i’m debating on using tamiya spray cans or trying something like the Vallejo’s you mentioned. even spraying them i will continue to hand paint small details and the walmart paint is only so so in quality.

Thanks man. What kit is that in your sig? I don’t usually like sd kits but that one looks very impressive and well made.

Long post lol ^^ Time to clean house,hopefully find missing RG RX78 parts,and i’m doing the kampfers weapons and possibly shooting pictures of the finished Zaku II I made for my sons room almost a month ago now.

Man you’re lucky have an almost all original and unmolested S13. Those are few and far between now. I used to have a 90 model that I converted into a Sil40, lowered it and put some thicker sway bars on her, put a JDM Type-X spoiler on the back, with 17x7 Enkei EVO-5s. Car handled like a dream. Had to sell her to get something bigger for the kids. Saddest day of my life.

But yeah we have a great network of people here. Everyone is nice and easy to get along with. And everyone is always willing to answer any questions. It still blows my mind that you hand painted those kits. I’ve got a great steady hand, but I can’t hand paint large areas like that. Wish I could get a picture of your Kampfer next to mine. That’d be a great photo.

That car gets better care than myself lol. As far as the hand painting it really wasn’t bad just a lot of spreading the paint thin as possible to get a smooth coat.

I did go look through your thread to see your kampfer and i have to say that was an amazing build you did and all of those fine details with the metallics really make that model stand out nicely.

Ah, I see. Tamiya spray cans are absolutely wonderful.

Bossguy speaks the truth. My Kampfer was done with Tamiya spray cans.

And thanks for the kind words good sir. I like those wheels on your S13.

These are parts i primered with tamiya primer and i loved the way this stuff sprays. I’m itching to get ahold of some of their color sprays. Gotta order the next round of models though. Do the colors spray as well as primer or do I need to prime then paint with them?

Oh, man. Once you go Tamiya you can’t go back. Their colors are wonderful. They will spray just as wonderfully as their primer.

HG 1/144 Zaku II. Missing the one head line… going to order another one for that and maybe try making a Battle scared one