Zaku's WIP's

Ok when we had the Database error problem. My WIPs were some of the things that were lost so im reuploading this. Im still working on my custom Gelgoog. And i havent made much progress sense its wip was lost. Now this is only the second model ive ever tryed to paint and the first model ive ever modifyed. So i habe a lot of learning ahead of me. Also sense im on the topic how would you go about backing up your wips and stuff? Anyway here is where were at ill take some pics of what i got done and post them later. This started out as a MG Chars Gelgoog i bought while i was in the Marines living in the barracks. It took a shelf dive some years ago and it has been siting in a box for three years. Well a man can only stare at a mobile suit for so long and wish he had his own custom unit. Aaaand my cat is being annoying time out… Ok im back so this thing is kind of turning into a wannabe Gelgoog Jager. If anyome has any good ideas of other mods i could do to it let me hear em. So far ive dont things like add little thrusters onto the shoulders so i can turn around faster and shoot that gundam who thinks he is a ninja trying to sneak up on me. Zaku F2 is pointing them out

And ive made me a high mobility backpack like the Gelgoog jager has

Here is a side veiw

And i decided id need some extra fuel tanks to keep me going cause this backpack sucks up fuel like its cool.

I made the fuel tanks out of pens and old zaku. 1.0 parts. I have a lot of zaku parts floating around.

I did the pannel lines with a pipe cutter

When i was working on the backpack i found that if i paint silver then do my weathering wash on it a few layers it looks like burnt steel.

I have a green thumb lol

When i was trying a panel wash it was all a mess. It didnt get into the panel line and didnt wipe off. But i did kina like the way it looked and tried to do a tiger stripe look with it but it didnt look very good.

It took a lot of damn work and stressful drilling into parts that themselves were alot of work but i figured a way to mount the fuel tanks.

And fuel tanks mounted

Sadly these fuel tanks got messed up when i tried to do a horizontal panel line. They had to be scraped and then i hand to build new ones.

I did decide to go ahead with a tiger stripe paint job though

Id love to get some dry transfer decals on this baby

For some reason i had a problem with my clear coat eating my paint but i think i got that problem straightened up now

Ok i think thats what i was doing when the site went down next time i update ill show you what ive done in the mean time.

Some great work going into that Gelgoog. The Gelgoog was one of my favorite Zeon designs from the One Year War. The tiger striping really looks good I think. And I’m glad you were able to get those fuel tanks mounted. They look good.

Im digging the tiger striping. Using pens as fuel tanks is a cool idea. They seem kind of long though. You dont want them touching the ground while he’s standing.

AH i had wondered when you where going to repost this,looking forward to seeing new pics of your progress. Those fuel tanks look good on there.

I’m wondering what caused the issue in the last pic, and if it happened again for you.

Thanks thwalker. @Ace, the Gelgoog is a very tall mobilesuit. Not only that but id like to keep them as long as possible. More fuel. Thanks Zenki. @Dlinker, i still haven’t figured out exactly what it was but i think it had something to do with the fine tip pen i was using to mark where my tiger stripes are going to go.

So i got bored last night and started messing with me Zaku 2.0. I was fiddling around with that busted arm part i made. Now i like my mobile suits to look rough. Like been through hell but not down and out. Tooth and nail blood and bone kind of firefights. I like them to look like they have seen some serious shit and survived. Because thats what Zakus do. Fight fight fight and keep on running and gunning. Thats how i see UC mobile suits. So after a while of watching 0083 for the millionth time and messing with my Zaku and thinking about the busted arm i made for it i decided id try to make a better busted arm. More detail copper amd brass parts. And more mechanical detail. Oh and if you dont remember the arm im talking about then.

Ok ill continue this in another reply because my phone is messing up

I started with a spare frame part from one of my old busted Zaku 1.0s. Then i added the copper wire to make it look like copper pipes. It was a pain in the ass to get the solid copper wire to bend in such a small area and not break the plastic frame. And i added a few brass parts that came out of my spare RC helicopter bin. (Just in case youre wondering i have a Blade 500). And ive been sanding and grinding for a while now. Im gonna cut it off in the center then put some wires and pistons just hanging there like they were ripped off from the explosion. So everything you see below the copper pipes are going away. I also had to use a large poly cap to make this frame part fit in the shoulder so i had to modify the inside of the frame to fit the cap. And quite a few other modifications. Now the only thing i can think to do would be make some pistons for the top of it to hide the gap and make it look more realistic. Which is what that white part is for. And maybe run some scrap wire with the insulation still on and just strip the ends of the wire. Im not sure if that would look right though.

I decided to scrap the white part and pistons on the top idea. I think it would just look out of place. Also who here has used putty to fill in seam lines? Because i think im doing it wrong but its too late to take the part back apart and glue the seam.

I’ve used putty to fill in seamlines. Got a pic of the part you’re questioning?

Im not sure how well you can see it but i might have screwed up

I got everything together then realized i had a big ugly seam line and i want to paint it silver then do the wash to make it look like dirty steel. Also if you have any ideas of what other mechanical tid bits i could add that would be helpful. Id like this too look good. Im jst drawing a blank.

Hmmm, it’s all of the areas that are scratched up, right? What kind of putty are you using and how did you apply it?

Its Tamiya brand. And its just says whit putty. I used it on the Gelgoogs fuel tanks ansd it did an awesome job. Here the scratches are from me trying to sand it off because i noticed it wasent doimg anything. And i cut a little scrap pice of plastic im using as a mini spatula to try to push it down into the seam line. This is gonna be a battle scared part so the scratches are fine its just the seam lines that are driving me crazy.

The section nub mark covered brother Gour is pointing at is the worst part and the hardest to get to with the sand paper.

I see where you’re getting at. The areas are hard to sand so you can’t really clean up the putty properly. When you run a fingernail over the seam, do you still feel it there? If not, then maybe get some Tamiya Liquid Surface Primer (comes in a little bottle that can be applied with a toothpick) and put it over those areas to create a cleaner surface.

I can still feel the seam. And i can see it. ITS DRIVING ME MMMAAADDDD!!! I like the surfacer primer idea though. Does it melt the plastic a bit?

Damn Brother gouf looks so bad in the pic. ITS SO NUBBY IM GONNA DIIEEE!! Lol i really need to do something about that.

Hmmm, I don’t think it melts the plastic the same way Tamiya Basic Putty does, but it is solvent-based and stinks like death so maybe it does do so to some degree. I use it from time to time to fill in gaps/scratches. I basically keep putting some on the affected area until it’s a nice bump, then sand it so it’s level to the surface.

I just noticed the nub mania on that Gouf. Poor guy needs some work, haha.

Ill have to pick some up sometime and give it a try. And yea the gouf is really bad. Lol

Use your knife to scrape the large excess off, then fold your sandpaper into a pointed triangle shape to get into the tight spaces.