Zaku I Cannon?

This is a gunpla that i really want to get. i LOVE the design and it looks awesome, but how is it build wise? pros? cons? im debating on getting it and id like some outside advice! ALSO i totally meant SNIPER not CANNON in the title, sorry about that xD

Im not sure about the sniper. Only because i dont have one. I have heard good things but i couldn’t tell you from experience. However. If you ever consider it. The MG Zaku Cannon. Has the Zaku 2.0 frame. And is very nice.

Is this the HG kit you’re talking about? That’s the only Zaku Sniper I’m aware of, both the old and the newer Yonem Kirks version.

Yeah thats the one im thinking of.

It looks like a damn good kit to me man. Nice elbow amd shouder bend. You get good detail. Looks like everything is moulded in it proper color. And you get a few other waeopns too.

I have never bought anything from this store. But i have been using it to reasearch kits for years. They take pics of the parts and scans of the entire manuel. Sometimes ill wonder about a kit amd just sit there and read the manual and build the kit in my head. It really helps you to get a good idea of what EXACTLY you could do with a kit. Or find structural weaknesses or pick out a design flaw. This is kimd of my go to for weather or not id consider any certain model. And they have scans of everything. And lots of pics.

P.S. Did those parts get to your house yet? Idk how long its gonna take though. I live in Gerogia so its got a long way to go.

The Zaku Sniper is indeed a good kit. Solid and simple build, good range of movement for all of the joints including the feet, decent accessories, and has a few extra parts for the shoulders. There are some obvious seams on the legs, shoulders, and head, but they can be welded easily without any loss to detail if they bother you. Lastly, it can pull off a good sniping pose thanks to that articulated part on the knee which works really well.

I bought and worked on one as my fourth HG kit ever and to this day, I’m thinking of getting a second one just because it’s such a nice kit.