You're gonna hate me for this!

so there is this game called the game and if you think about it you lose it and once you know about it you have to play it the rest of your life so… YOU LOST THE GAME hehehehehehe

look ok i finally got dragonindisguise to stop using that. the title says it all

I can’t believe this is still going on.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA to bad oh and did you know i taught her that one so it kinda is my fault it started in the first place

>mfw this is still a thing

I thought this was dead.

sorry it wont go anywhere if you don’t want it to

Mwahahahaha!!! Yes, the endless cycle has begun!!!

NO! THis Cycle ENDS HERE!! (poises to drop colonies) MWAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!

screw the colony. (poises to drop axis on earth)

Even better RX-0…Bravo!

He always was a creative one.

i dont get it at all.

Doesn’t matter, you lost anyway!

starts to load gun Ya know, you can find names and addresses on the internet. Just sayin…

(positions Momento mori over Zechs 36 place) is that a fact skippy?

if you look me up i will be waiting with my badass brother and a pissed off self so dont do it

This is falling into a spiraling mass of threats and violence I think it is time for
An Armed Intervention!!!

if he or she comes there will have to be an armed intervention… not even my friends have seen me truly mad before :smiley:

To RX-78-2: That is one of the coolest things i have ever seen!

To HensoNoOkami: I shudder at the of you being truly mad…


You win. That post alone made me spit up cereal.