Your personal introduction

I wanted this thread to discuss how you were first introduced to Gundam.
I’m honestly uncertain as to how I was introduced, but it was on Toonami when I was a kid and my brother and his friends loved it, so naturally I was forced to like it. But after it stopped airing on toonami, we picked up every game released in English, but never really watched any of the new series. Back in late 2009, I saw an ad for Gundam 00 being on YouTube for the first time from the BandaiChannel. For some reason, I found myself despising the new Gundam series for no reason, and figured I’d give it a look, I was bored anyway. It was the shit! But I didn’t really care much, the series didn’t make any effect on me and I tossed it aside like it was nothing. About a year later, I saw the same series on YouTube again, and watched it full this time, first and second season. This time, it finally clicked. From this point on, I was a Gundam addict. Not long after my best friends and brother because interested in it too, and so we’d play and watch Gundam whenever we hung out. But Gunpla was never an interest of mine. I’ve always had shaky hands and couldn’t really do something like that.
So in late November 2012, my college dorm friends were walking around town and saw a comics store, saw a Gundam model kit and immediately thought of me, and told me when they got back. After a huge fight with my girlfriend, I went to the comic store expecting a DVD or action figure. It was there that I saw 3 kits. A 1/144 no grade V-Dash Gundam. 1/100 No grade Destiny, and a 1/100 MG Dom. The victory was 15, the Destiny 35, and Dom 50. At this time I wasn’t aware of grades or pricing, so I figured the Dom was a big ripoff, didn’t know anything about Victory, and Destiny was one of my favorite Gundams of all time. So, I picked it up, figuring that if my girlfriend decides to be a bizznatch again I’ll have something to do instead of just fight. I didn’t know anything about Gunpla. I thought that I’d have to paint, glue, and stand it myself. But luckily, that wasn’t true. The day before Thanksgiving I built it, and then became addicted to Gunpla as well. Now, my brother, best friends and people here at college are watching, playing and building Gundams.

I happen to love Gundam. That is all.

Well I was about eight, in the second grade, and after school it was on Toonami, we had the good cable then, don’t rember if that was the time we were stealing it or not, but what ever.

G was airing, and unlike most people in the US that was my first series from there, I stoped whaching for awhile then I saw an add Dynasty Warriors Gundam 1, and then got back into Gundam and whached the rest of the seires I could get my hands on. The only two I saw on TV were, G and 00.

I was starting out in the Grade School Circut in Minnesota and it was one day i was watching TV when THIS came up…


After that, and watching the anime in genera…yeah…the rest is history…

About 13 years ago this month on Toonami I was introduced to Gundam Wing like many Americans.

In 2004, something, we recieved a local anime channel that aired Gundam. Of course, commoners didn’t get to see it, we just got commercials.

Later on, like Gundam Wing like everyone else.

I got introduced to the UC in 2009, when the translation patch to Super Robot Wars arose.

Another Toonami person here. Was watching DBZ one day on it after school, saw a commercial for Gundam Wing. Kept seeing more commercials and then started watching once it came on. Only saw it in pieces, but it was enough to hook me in.

After that, it was G Gundam followed by random episodes of 8th MS Team whenever they had it on.

I am gundam, well basically I am allelujah. so you get the story LOLOLOLOL

I coincidentally came across this on the net and since then I’ve been watching Gundam.
When I joined the forums almost EXACTLY one year ago, I was acquainted and introduced into model building.

This was the vid :