Your own Gundam crew!

Hi guys!

I’ve just thought of an entertaining Gundam game. I have no knowledge whether something like this has already been played or not, but my idea looks like the following :


You’ve been given the order to assemble a crew consisting of every Gundam character known so far and each of them is told to fulfil their obligation.

It mainly consists of :

Pilot 1
Gundam possessed by Pilot 1/kept in maintance by 1 (first rule to keep in mind : Gundam does also include the term “MS”)

Pilot 2:

Pilot 3:

Pilot 4:

Pilot 5:

afterwards, you search for assistances to aid each Gundam character. The assistance itself is independent from the choice of Gundam each Gundam Character

Notice : The assistance does not require to be a pilot.

Assistance 1:

Assistance 2:

Assistance 3:

Assistance 4:

Assistance 5:

Then you designate services and duties performed and carried out by each one of your crew, including the assistance

Pilot 1’s obligation:
Assistance 1’s duty:

Pilot 2’s obligation:
Assistance 2’s duty:

Pilot 3’s obligation:
Assistance 3’s duty:

Pilot 4’s obligation:
Assistance 4’s duty:

Pilot 5’s obligation:
Assistance 5’s duty:

Another condition to notice : You are also allowed to name more than 5 pilots, but I expect 5 to be appropriate for it has often been 5 so far.


Captain/leader :

Pilot 1 :
Gundam :

Pilot 2:

Pilot 3:

Pilot 4:

Pilot 5:

Assistance 1:

Assistance 2:

Assistance 3:

Assistance 4:

Assistance 5:

Pilot 1’s obligation:
Assistance 1’s duty:

Pilot 2’s obligation:
Assistance 2’s duty:

Pilot 3’s obligation:
Assistance 3’s duty:

Pilot 4’s obligation:
Assistance 4’s duty:

Pilot 5’s obligation:
Assistance 5’s duty:

TEAMLEADER (may also have a Gundam and be a pilot, he’d be pilot 6)
(Gundam : )

Negotiating person :
Piloting the ship:
2 persons surveillancing the radar (not required)
The additional girl that has the personal duty to do babysitting :

Let’s start :

Captain/leader : Howard for his most advanced capability is to improve mobile suits. That makes him precious but on the other hand, he is unable to brightslap pilots in order to make them grow up.

Pilot 1 : Expectedly, I am designating Duo Maxwell because he has the strongest relation to Howard.
Gundam : Deathscythe Hell !

Pilot 2: Schwarz Bruder (Black brother by the way)
Gundam/MS: Uncommunly, he is in charge of piloting the God Gundam.

Pilot 3: Charou Aznablou
Gundam: Nightingtale : We need some overall verstatility.

Pilot 4: Garrodou Ran
Gundam: Gundam DX

Pilot 5: Kou Uraki
Gundam: GP03

Assistance 1: Hilde Schbeiker
MS: (not actually piloted by her) : Gundam Deathscythe

Assistance 2: Difficult for me to choose one. I’d go with Alanbee
MS: Noble Gundam is strong enough to keep up with the others

Assistance 3: A paint bucket full with red paint / and a helmet featuring some headphones
MS: /

Assistance 4: Tiffa Adill
MS: /

Assistance 5: Nina Purpleton
MS: /

Pilot 1’s obligation: 1. Close combat 2. Somebody’s got to take care of providing them with successors, lol
Assistance 1’s duty: 1. Supporting him to raise the chances to win 2. being pregnant xDD

Pilot 2’s obligation: The duty to teach others
Assistance 2’s duty: Equally being given the occassion to participate in retaliating

Pilot 3’s obligation: Being badass in order to entirely annihilate the enemy
Assistance 3’s duty: 1. Improving the mobile suits speed although its red , 2. Keeping the pilot entertained

Pilot 4’s obligation: Ranged fighting to support the allies with powerful attacks + finishing the enemy off
Assistance 4’s duty: Assisting him, by using her newtype abilites

Pilot 5’s obligation: Being manly and wrecking mobile suits
Assistance 5’s duty: Developing and repairing all wrecked mobile suits (mainly by uraki)

TEAMLEADER : Quatre Raberba Winner
Gundam : Sandrock equipped with the Zero System in order to give exact advises.

Negotiating person : KAI SHIDDEN. As he is ill-mannered, being an ar*ehole is execellent to do negotiations.
Piloting the ship: Torres and his crew
2 persons surveillancing the radar (not required) : Torres and his crew again
Mechanic : Astionage
The additional girl that has the personal duty to do babysitting : Frow Bow.

I’d gladly accept suggestions reffering to improving this game in order to have others attracted to playing this etc.

see ya until then, folks !

Captain/leader : Bright Noa: if you have to ask…well then go and watch, MSG, Z, ZZ, and CCA again.
Pilot 1 : Amuro Ray
Gundam : Hi-Nu Gundam

Pilot 2: Kamile Bidan
Gundam/MS: Delta Gundam Kai

Pilot 3: Lockon Stratos (Neil)
Gundam: Cheridum (Odd I know but it would suit him, and it’s technically better than the Dynyames)

Pilot 4: Kincaid Nau
Gundam: Gundam Crossbone X-1

Pilot 5: Haman Karn
Gundam: Shanele (Basically a Quebley/Sazabi cross, look it up it exists, was supposed to be Char’s suit but the design was denied by him in favor of the Sazabi)

Assistance 1: Banahger Links
MS: Unicorn Gundam

Assistance 2: Athrun Zala
MS: Infinite Justice Gundam

Assistance 3: Sol Ryuune L’ange
MS: Gundam Stargazer

Assistance 4: Tierra Arde
MS: Serave Gundam (Seraphim is thus included as well)

Assistance 5: Allenby Beardsley
MS: Nobell Gundam

Pilot 1’s obligation: General Newtypery, Fin Funnel Barriers Function as Team leader next to Char and Bright
Assistance 1’s duty: Same as above, not to mention NT-D and FA when needed for more support

Pilot 2’s obligation: High Speed assault, Funnels, and Transformation
Assistance 2’s duty: High Speed assault, helps keep people off of Kamile, and visa versa.

Pilot 3’s obligation: Sniper Support
Assistance 3’s duty: Bolster Anti Beam defense farther than just the Shield bits basically when Lochon finds a sniper position, it’s the stargazer’s job to keep it there for optimal position and no needing to Relocate, meaning he can get shots off and not have to move

Pilot 4’s obligation: General Piloting, High Speed assault (The Crossbones are made to operate in Jupiter’s Gravity well, so they’d be fast around earth)
Assistance 4’s duty: Basically take out those out of Range, and engage in High Speed close range if s*** hit’s the fan by using Seraphim also GN Fields to block shots after the Beam cloak is made useless

Pilot 5’s obligation: Funnel Support, and insane piloting skills, basically do what she does best…win
Assistance 5’s duty: Keep those people who happen to begin to Swamp Haman off of her, by using that ribbon of hers

TEAMLEADER: Char Aznable
(Gundam : ) Nightingale
Obligation: Keep things running smoothly, using Charisma to boost moral and tactical knowledge to help Bright same with Char go out and pilot when they need extra support.

Negotiating person : Also Char “Hey I will not drop this asteroid on you, unlike the last one I had, here have some shiny gold bars.” he could get them just about everywhere
Piloting the ship: Torres
Mechanic: Astonage
The additional girl that has the personal duty to do babysitting : Feldt Grace

Captain Leader Kati Mannequin

Pilot 1: Setsuna F. Seiei
Gundam/MS: GNT-0000/FS 00 Qan(T) Full Saber

Pilot 2: Hallelujah/Allelujah Haptism and Marida Cruz
Gundam/MS: Harute

Pilot 3: Beside Pain
Gundam/MS: CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam

Pilot 4: Jamil Neate
Gundam/MS: GX-9900-DV Gundam X Divider/With Satellite Cannon and 5 G-Bits

Pilot 5: Decartes Shaman
Gundam/MS: Gadelaza

Assistance 1: Full Frontal
Gundam/MS: MSN-06S Sinanju

Assistance 2:Graham Aker
Gundam/MS: GNX-903VW Brave (Commander Test Type)

Assistance 3:Cony Francis
Gundam/MS:GNX-903VS Brave (Standard Test Type)

Assistanc 4: Nigel Garrett
Gundam/MS: GNX-903VS Brave (Standard Test Type)

Assistance 5: Karen Joshua
Gundam/MS: GNX-903VS Brave (Standard Test Type)

Pilot 1’s obligation: Setsuna job is for close combat.
Assistance 1’s duty:Back Setsuna up in close combat

Pilot 2’s obligation: Speed
Assistance 2’s duty: Speed

Pilot 3’s obligation: Raw power.
Assistance 3’s duty: Back up.

Pilot 4’s obligation: Fire power and intelligence
Assistance 4’s duty: Cover up

Pilot 5’s obligation: Massive Fire power and Fangs
Assistance 5’s duty: Back up in case Shaman gets caught off guard.

Captain/leader : Bright Noa. He may have lost some ships, but he knows what he’s doing. Bright Slap doesn’t hurt his pick, either

Pilot 1 : Heero Yuy
Gundam : Wing Zero

Pilot 2: Char Aznable
Gundam/MS: 00 Raiser

Pilot 3: Grahm Aker
Gundam: Brave (Command Type)

Pilot 4: Asemu Asuno
Gundam: Zeta Gundam

Pilot 5: Jerid Messa
Gundam: Gundam MK II (Titans)

Assistance 1: Milliardo Peacecraft
MS: Epyon

Assistance 2: Lyle Dylandy
MS: Zabanya Gundam

Assistance 3: Amuro Ray
MS: Nu Gundam

Assistance 4: Emma Sheen
MS: Gundam MK II

Assistance 5: Kou Uraki
MS: GP02

Pilot 1’s obligation: Large clusters of enemies, gone
Assistance 1’s duty: Take out stragglers, heard them into large groups

Pilot 2’s obligation: Close range destruction
Assistance 2’s duty: Long-range support

Pilot 3’s obligation: Assist everywhere where needed (He’s kinda a swiss army knife that way)
Assistance 3’s duty: Use of the Nu Gundam’s funnels to make that shield (The pyramid one that blocked beams.)

Pilot 4’s obligation: Strafing
Assistance 4’s duty: Hitting any enemies the Zeta did not

Pilot 5’s obligation: Protect the ship
Assistance 5’s duty: Help protect the ship


Negotiating person: Paptimus Scirocco. He may be evil as all F***, but he knows how to manipulate people with the best of them. A man to both respect and fear
Piloting the ship: Lasse Aeon
Mechanic: Astinage
The additional girl that has the personal duty to do babysitting : Elle Vianno

So far, Char has been occupied aggregately 4 times, three times as a common soldier participating in skirmishes and once as a teamleader, as far as I am concerned. Graham aker is proximitly following, having been designatd 3 times. I assume, Amura has also been chosen 3 times.

Captain/leader : Mr. Bushido

Pilot 1 : Mr. Bushido
Gundam : Susanoo

Pilot 2: Setsuna
Gundam/MS: Exia

Pilot 3: Athrun Zala
Gundam: Infinite Justice

Pilot 4: Shinn Asuka
Gundam: Destiny

Pilot 5: Kira Yamato
Gundam: Freedom

Assistance 1: Lockon Stratos
MS: Dynames

Assistance 2:Judau Ashta
MS: Double Zeta

Assistance 3: Full Frontal

Assistance 4: Nena Trinity
MS: Throne Drei

Assistance 5: Zechs

Pilot 1’s obligation: Tries to come in contact with encountered enemy and tries too review situation too see if fight is necessary
Assistance 1’s duty: must reduce(kill) number of ms on field as much as possible

Pilot 2’s obligation: Full attack on enemy and leaving no prisoners
Assistance 2’s duty: Enemy leader is main target

Pilot 3’s obligation: Special Forces with pilot 4 and 5/ Group may disband when a new enemy is encountered/ In command when group come in danger with large enemy gundams
Assistance 3’s duty: Help with the situation when pilot 1 and 2 come in danger

Pilot 4’s obligation: Special Forces with pilot 3 and 5/Group may disband when a new enemy is encountered and pilot 3 will take command from that position
Assistance 4’s duty: Help with the situation when pilot 1 and 2 come in danger

Pilot 5’s obligation: Special Forces with pilot 3 and 4/Group may disband when a new enemy is encountered/ When the situation is critical pilot may go solo
Assistance 5’s duty: Help with the situation when pilot 1 and 2 come in danger

TEAMLEADER : quattro bajeena
Gundam : Hyaku Shiki

Negotiating person : Lacus Clyne
Piloting the ship: Andrew Waltfeld
Mechanic: Murdoch
The additional girl that has the personal duty to do babysitting : Sumeragi Lee Noriega

Mr. Bushido as leader of a crew? That’s what I call “creative”, yet I expected a geniune one to be put in charge of being a leader.

Selected 4 times (4or5, I haven’t counted it yet), Mr. Bushido is very likely to take the lead which means nothing more but being decently favoured.

Furthermore, I’d like everybody to imgine negotiations between Kai and Lacus. A lot creativity is required here XD

dont know kai s personality, only know that i killed him with ease in gundam dynasty warriors atleast 200 times

Kai may arouse detest, but when occupied as a negotiator his skills become useful. Decently useful.

but when lacus speaks everybody listens, actually make enemy reconsider their attack, make nations listen to each other and she can sing

No they don’t. Like Rau said “The real world is as kind as the one in pop songs”. Seriously if Lacus tried that shit against any characters from any other Gundamverse’s than Seed, she does she would just make herself a freaking target to kill.

I could see Ribbon’s saying enough of that bullshit.

maybe scirocco wouldn’t manage to convince her to do as he instructs and wishes.
Char is, however, protected by his fancied apparel, be it a helmet, sunglasses or a new, uncommon haircut.
Kai would just not listen. It’s kai after all, keep this in consideration. He’d distract himself by listening to a certain, chosen and favoured selection of his soundtracks. Or he’d become deaf, engaged in skirmishes with Guncannon. The intensity and frequency of permanently lasting noises of 240mm would just cause a malfunction of his perception referred to his ears.

personally inquiring : kira, I imply you possess dwg 3. Do you own the ps3 version?
if yes, add me : vvfvvfvvf

Char wouldn’t listen to Lacus, especially if she got in the way of his goals, odds are Lacus would be on the wrong end of a beam saber. Even Mineva Zabi, whom he bore no ill will towards (unlike the rest of her family) said that he’d kill her if it was necessary. (Basically said that if Frontal was the real Char that she’d be dead if needed be, not to mention if Frontal was the real Char, Char would have no need for her seeing as he can rally Zeon just by being the son of Zeon Deikun)

Hence why I made him the MS leader, AND the negotiator. Can pilot and negotiate, and be Co-Leader with Bright, and Amuro sort of. The three of them could rule the universe. lol

ok so the enemy wouldnt listen so what, the allies will get emotional and will protect lacus no matter what(we’ve all seen that)

yea i have dwg3 but for the xbox, but i will sell mine fast to buy a ps3

Being emotional is not sincerely the best to do, while physically opposing the enemy

Pretty much which is the reason Athrun exposed Shinn and blasted him because he’s too emotional.

oke got me there XD, but i didnt say a thing about too emotional

Well I implied her attempts to force the opposing to seize fire based on arousing sentimentality and fond of each other. You hadn’t explicitly mentioned the method of involving “emotions”, but it was facilitated for me to remark a trace of being too emotional.

LOL Miss Sumeragi Lee Noriega is the LAST person I would leave my kids with, that woman is drunk as HELL all the time!

I think he meant Babysit the crew, not children. LOL