Your Kit to Get List

Put all 3 “News” items from today on my list: MG Dark Hound, MG Nu ver. Ka, HGUC Byralant Custom. The best trifecta of Gunpla news I’ve seen in quite some time.

I’ve not disagreed with any of these statements since I discovered it.

IIRC when those were still in production, they only cost half that or so… soooo awesome! for 10k, it better come with that lifesize model… yummy!

I think I’ll make the Byarlant Custom my first High Grade. That suit is so awesome.

note: no longer in production, regular price was less than i remembered, but still a super awesome kit… and i found the best diorama ever !!!

My list is small:
Mg Strike freedom
Mg Blitz
Pg MK II Titans
Pg Wing
and one day i would like to take another crack at mg sinaju

MG Buster
MG Blitz
MG Duel
Mg Aegis
Mg Justice
Mg Red Astray Kai
Mg Shin Musha
Mg Wing Custom Zero
Mg Zaku II Shin Custom

I’ve completely changed my list to the following.

HG Gundam X
HG 1/144 GP03 Dendrobium (yes the ridiculously expensive one) I must have it, but I will have to save for a while.

The HG X is a great kit, great articulation, colors match up great, doesn’t seem to require much work to make it look good you know, the way the weapons and everything is set up are great. I love the Gundam X series so the second they were in stock I bought one. Also got the X Divider, which ftr is more or less the same build with the obvious changes, it also does not come with extra parts to turn it back to an original X.

Yeah dude. It looks amazing. I watched Prime 92’s review of both of them and I was very impressed and I had to pick the one with the satelite cannon as I really love that weapon. Her review of the Dendrobium also really impressed me. That thing is ginormous. I can’t wait to build it and have it displayed and satellite cannon mode.

Oh by the way the Zeydra is a fantastic kit as well. Just click the “my gundam pictures” link in my sig. Should be close to the top.

I might get the Zeydra. It’s either him or the hg Brave Commander Type. I hear both are great high grades. By the way, what do you think of the hg shining gundam? I was also considering getting it because I’m rewatching G Gundam right now and I’m a huge fan. I also prefer the shining gundam over the burning gundam.

I like it. Got pics of that one also, forget which page they’re on, anyways it’s got a seperate head and hands for shining finger and super mode. Super mode is easy to set up quick, looks cools too. I like it better than the 1/60th version I have.

I like the look of the shining finger sword. I think it’s a better deal than getting the mg shining gundam. The hg comes with so much more.

If I remember the build right it was sorta like the God Gundam, so it’ll probably as articulate. Atleast nearly.

Exia my good sir. I am really starting to appreciate high grades more and more. There is a much wider selection and they can still be painted to look just as nice as a master grade. Also, does anyone own the stargazer and noir high grades? I was thinking of getting them both and having them face against each other on my shelf. I love Stargazer.

Just a few kits to pick up for next year:

  • HG Age-2 Normal or Double-Bullet
  • HG Age-3 Normal
  • HG Age-FX
  • MG Buster
  • MG Blitz
  • RG Zeta

Right now my main aspirations are:
-HGUC Dendrobium
-MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam
-Maybe a PG Zaku II

And if money was no object, I’d like to re-buy a PG Zeta and a PG MkII Titans to replace the ones that were destroyed many years ago by my little brother while I was at school.

My kit to get list is forever changing. Hopefully, it will stay like this.

HG Byarlant Custom
HG Kampfer
HG Gundam X Divider
RG Justice
MG Strike Noir

HG #36 Destiny just moved up on my list with the entrire beginning HGs…
AGE FX is pure awesome looking as well

come on christmas… lol…