Your HG "Revive" Wish List

Given how well so many Revive kits have come out I really hope we get these guys in the future:

Blitz Gundam

So what did you wanna see?

I personally love the Kampfer to BITS. I want to see a real grade of the thing.

However any retooling of it I would love.

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You know…we need a revival of most of the G Gundam units. My personal ones would be Dragon, Bolt, Spiegel, and the ones who weren’t really given kits in the past: Tequilla, Lumberjack, Windmill, and Matador.

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I personally hate G Gundam with a passion. I’d rather see a revive GM and a revive Hi-Zack.

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since we got 11 of the 72 calamity war gundam frames and currently waiting for hg 1/144 ibo gremory i would want all 60 other calamity war gundam frames and a revive barbatos