Your Gunpla Wishlist

Post your Gunpla Wishlist here!

I wish to get these:
HGUC Nightingale
MG Gouf Custom
HGUC Hi-v Gundam (i got the RG so why not the HG)
RE/100 Gun EZ

Im currently wanting these mobile suits mostly wanting HG but grade isnt really important.

Zaku III
And a Gaza


ig i want the messer too

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I’ve been wanting to get my hands on an HG 1/144 Ginn and HG 1/144 Zaku Warrior.
I tried to find both at a local model store but because of the shortage, the guy’s store looked like it was closing down due to how empty some of the shelves were.

I’ve been trying to get my hands on the following but given Bandai’s erratic releasings and such I am worried I won’t be able to find them:

HGAC Wing Gundam
HGFC Shining Gundam
HGBF Winging Fenice Renescita
HGUC Zudah

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My wishlist is kind of big, but here are just some

HGUC Char’s Gelgoog
HGUC Rick Dom II
HGUC Gouf(Revive)
HGUC Zaku Ground war set
HGUC Gelgoog Marine
HGUC Efreet Schneid
HGUC Zaku Mariner
HGUC Act Zaku(KF)

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I actually got a Gelgoog Marine and a Gouf (Revive) up here on my shelf.

Too many to list… Do want some of slightly older kits, MG, RG, HG, whatever, with red emblems.

If the RG God Gundam delivers on the hype, I want an MG version updated with all the new articulation, frame, and accessories.

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Hg zeong and a ton of LEDs

Wish i was born earlier bcs my wishlist is

HGIBO Io Frame Shiden (really hard and kinda rare to get)
HGFC Master Gundam & Fuunsaiki (same goes for this)

Aye, Zudah was a rare bird before COVID; now, it’s practically faded into the mists of legend! And I need at least 3…

If you’re not picky about a started kit, and have some good trade bait, I have a Act Zaku (KF). I’m always after more Dom Tropen (Sand Brown, not the other one) or Zaku II F2s.

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P-Bandai HGUC Efreet Jaeger

P-Bandai HG Messer Commander Color

P-Bandai MG Anavel Gato’s prototype Rick Dom II

P-Bandai MG Dwadge Custom (the one with the Beam Bazooka)

MG Dom (X2) and Rick Dom (new tool kits)

MG Zaku II F2 2.0 w/ FULL armament

MG or RE/100 Hy-Gogg

MG Messer

MG Kämpfer 2.0

MG Gouf Custom 2.0

MG Sazabi ver. ka.

RE/100 Jagd Doga (both)

MG Z’Gok E 2.0