You know what really grinds my gears? (You must read this in peters voice)

A place to rant about gunpla. I just noticed there is nowhere on here to say whats eating at you as far as gunpla goes.
PS. his is the first thread ive ever tryed to start so if i screw it up, “my bad”.

So. You know what really grinds my gears? No? Ill tell ya. WHY IS THERE STILL NO GOUF CUSTOM 2.0!!! Why doesent bandai use under gates for everything it cant run up the bill that much. And why if PGs are going out the window dont we get a place for an LED in EVERY MG? I would not be that hard. You could make a small led pack that will even fit in gundam wing kits. I mean ita just a led and two watch batteries. Come on bandai. Amd where did all my mechanical details that made sense go huh?

Proshop only releases.

This. A million times, this.

They killed brian!!

Visibible nubs.

The truth.

Whats a proshop release?

And why dont they do the Nu gundam ver ka hands in every kit? WTF BANDAI? YOURE SLIACKIN OFF

When Bandai only releases things through their Proshop, which is in extremely small quantities, and even harder to get a hold of.

Ooh ive never heard of them before. Ill have to look into it.

But why dont they do those things with the regular models?

It’s all based on what they think will sell, vs what will sit. They are doing a proshop only release of the MG Destiny Impulse. Add on parts that converted Heavy Arms to Kai were Proshop only. things like that.

Heavyarms Kai? They never released that.

Is there any Zeon suits? Ill buy the crap out of them.

From what im seeing on google the pro shop is just regular MGs they moded and painted.

So still why when they have the tech to do better why do we keep geting sub par kits?

What do you mean, sub-par kits?

For example now that they have the capability to hide nub marks better with the under gates. Why do they not do it? And LED units for every MG. it wouldnt be very dificult and i would not bump up the price that much. And why do they keep leting Katoki screw with all the designs? Every one i talk to would have rather had a Wing Zero TV ver. And now that we have the Nu Ver Ka hands why dont they make them for every MG? And why dont we get MG weapons packs? Like just a box of 1/100 Zeon weapons or feddie weapons.

They have shown us they can make a much better product but they hold out on us.