You fell into what kinda Gundam? What's your story?

This is an odd idea, but I would like to ask you all.
You are some young teenage boy and for some odd reason the whole world is at war with each other. Out of nowhere, you find yourself inside of a cockpit of a mobile suit of YOUR CHOICE. It can be a canon suit or it can be some mobile suit you made up in your head.
You proved your skills with the Mobile suit and now you are an ensign of some military group that are considered the good guys.
Your mobile suit and team you work with are part of a flag ship called The color of the underwear you are wearing and the last food you just ate
You must fight off your enemies known as Some word you really hate and add some odd Z/X/Y spelling into it. And your rival is named Char clone

Here is the deal. You are pretty much a self insert. Go crazy folks. Make a joke one or a serious one.

Gundam: Alpha Justice Gundam
Military Group: C.O.R.N. ((Crappy Organization of Rural Negligence))
Flag Ship: Black Lemon Bar
Opposing Military Team: B.E.A.M.Z. S.P.A.M.M.E.R.Z. Organization ((Bringing Elegant Agendas for More Zapping of Super Powerful Ace Mobility and Mega Emphasis on Ridiculous Zs))
Rival/Char Clone: Dr. Guninhands ((What did he get his degree on???))

Here is a base
Military Group:
Flag Ship:
Opposing Military Group:
Rival/Char Clone:
Century/Era/Generation ((Like UC or CE)):

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This is kinda fun Ill go

Gundam: Black N Mild
Military Group: YOLO ( You Only Live Once )
Flag Ship: The Jägermeister
Opposing Military Team: WHKY (We Hate Kira Yamato)
Rival/Char Clone: Joe Sixpack

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I am dying!!! Iam dying!!! My sides! What is air?!?!?

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Gundam : Ume Custom MKII Gundam
Military Group : NEKO (Newtype Extremist Kyary [Pamyu Pamyu] Organization)
Flag Ship : Shimapan Ramen
Opposing Group : LAZER (Locals Against Zeta Extermination Reform)
Rival/ Char Clone: GĂĽden PĂĽrenti

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Yea I wanted to be funny…later on ill put my serious one on

This ship is just a big big win.


Neko … Shimapan … Ramen … WTF XD

As for myself :

Gundam : Heinous Hellraiser (D-sycthe Hell Custom with a twin beam scissor, buster shields on each side and thrusters concealed in its coat - Also, it has had the following colors applied to its surface : Red, Purplish Blue and beige … It also has a beam saber for SINCERE 1vs1 duels)
Military group : Beta
Flag ship : The merciless
Opposing groups : FOOLS (Fools obviously oppose latent superpowers)
Rival : The dishonestly fighting.

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Gundam: Camulus
Military Group: CLARC (Colonial Law And Regulation Company)
Flag Ship: Ishimura
Opposing Military Team: NECRON (Newtype Enforcement Critical Response Organization Nexus)
Rival/Char Clone: Ankou Necrosis

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Totally a dead space reference there, Kenny.

I guess I will be serious and make one that isn’t a joke.

Gundam: GLXU-2013-Impact Gundam. (Equipped with a metal force sword that has thrusters on it for an extra kick. Armed with a thruster shield that acts like the X’s Harmonica shield. Armed with FRICKIN BEAM SHINS!!! And a normal beam rifle. Colored like the Age-2.)
Military group: BSAA (Bull Sh!t Alliance Alliance) …Just kidding.
REAL Military Group: NAND: National Alliance of Negotiation and Defense.
Flag Ship: The Angelus
Opposing Military Group: LATMO(Liberation of Active Tyrian Militaries Organization)
Rival/Char Clone: Ensign Madeline Freeman (Nickname: The Nova.)

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Well, my story :


Gundam: Omega Freedom gundam (updraded Freedom)
Military Group: A.T.D.F. (Alpha Trion Defense Force)
Ship: The Ark III
Enemy Group: N.E.R.F. Hammer (National Extermination Risk Force)
Rival: Captain Barbara “Bobbi” Frost (also known as “Mockingbird”)

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@ Lacus Prime and Paladin Gundam: I am the impression that when i designed (and described) the Omega Freedom in the Mixed Gundams Thread i struck a Nerve (in a good way ;p) with you guys lol.

Ah, it’s just coincidence, I can’t think any other name to attach to “Freedom” so I went with Omega. But I read your description and it sounds awesome (I always thought Freedom was cooler/better than Strike Freedom anyway).

SDGO has made me dislike freedom, hmm I mean they look cool but the main MS’s didn’t stick with me ( referring to SEED and SEED Destiny ) like most though I do like the astray’s and of course the Goufs and Zakus the series added and I like Saviour. But honestly I don’t really like the big designs of Freedom,Destiny,Legend,etc.

They kind of felt un inspired to me :I

Devilish laugh
When it comes to the ultimate powers of Freedom and Justice, I will favor Justice any day. I prefer the Infinite Justice though. It has a slimmer and sleeker design than the Original Justice. I will say this much, this is an ACTUAL upgrade because of the design change(AND BEAM SHINS). Like, there is something REALLY different with the Infinite. But the Strike Freedom…It’s TOO similar to the Original Freedom. Only the Wings changed and the internal frame is gold…why???

But yeah. Lacus and I would make the ultimate Freedom/Justice team if our Alternate Gundam Universes divided by zero and somehow merged into an abomination of pure awesomeness…Ironically.

I will call it…the AO Century. ((Alpha and Omega Century))



High five

-_-…FACEPALM…High Five

Probably should add the Century in the guidelines as well.
I don’t know…Perhaps the Impact comes from the BS Century.
You might think it’s Bull sh!t, but I think we all know what the REAL meaning is.
But what else are we missing? Love interest? Allies? Mentor? Causes of war?

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Gundam: Tall-Zero ( Tallgeese 3 combined with Wing Zero)
Military Group: SWARK ( Southern World Alliance Renaissance Kingdom) ( Like Orb but more bad ass)
Flag Ship: The Revelation
Opposing Military Team: NFF ( Neptune Federal Federation)
Rival/Char Clone: Lt Augur
Love interests: Haman, Lacus,Meyrin Hawke,Kihel Heim
Allies: Zeon, Zaft, Orb
Mentors: Treize. Amuro, Char
Causes of War: Independence

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So mashing up universe eh? Hm…

Gundam: Turn God Gundam ((Wait, no. That would be God modding if I use this Gundam.))
Less God mod Gundam: ZZ Kyrios Gundam ((Pretty much an orange ZZ Gundam that can transform into a bulky fighter jet. This mode is is created to give the Heavy Mobile Suit a better edge in flight combat.))
Military Group: SAWMO ((Special Anti War Mongers Organization))
Flag Ship: Theta MK-2 ((Because MK-1 doesn’t exist. The designers call it the MK-2 because “Theta” would be a boring name.))
Opposing Military Group: The Messiahs
Rival/Char Clone: Jesus Yamato ((Kira dressing up like Jesus and also wears a weird mask. His nick name is “The Blue Beamer” ))
Love interests: Tiffa(Crush) ALL Puru clones…Yes…all of them. And Lunamaria Hawke…She is gonna be my waifu because why the hell not? ((Bitch please, I am a pimp in this Self insert Mary Sue world.))
Mentor: Tieria Erde ((This guy would put me down so much I would have more than just Angst problems))
Cause of war: Jesus Yamato: “STOP FIGHTING!!!” But because Jesus is a War Monger, he is a hypocrite. He just goes around going rambo on different parts of the world and sells the world weapons for disasters that HE caused! And for some odd reason, SO MANY PEOPLE FOLLOW HIS TEACHINGS AND BELIEFS. Those who are smart side with SAWMO to counter attack The Messiah’s.

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