Yes my sweet! Yes my sweetest! I wanna get back where you were! - Entry Grade and High Grade RX-78-[0]2 Gundams

Apologies if the pictures are foggy. My phone camera was fogged for some reason, and the battery was running low. I was in a hurry.

Like with the Master Grades, you just CAN’T go wrong with Amuro’s iconic white mobile suit in High Grade form. I actually like all three kits depicted (though I had a Beyond Global version which I had to throw out as I thought it was too lanky and loose).
For unique, easy builds, the Entry Grade gives you that, with clever tricks used to fill in areas like the shadows around the eyes, and a separately coloured crotch chevron. (full weapons ver. depicted)

The Origin ver. High Grade is a solid representation of the Gundam’s manga/modernised depiction that was cemented two years after release as the main modern redesign of the Gundam in Cucuruz Doan’s Island.

Finally, if you like that clean, old anime aesthetic, but want a little bit more detail, the High Grade Revive stands the test of time as a solid, user friendly option.

All of these kits are recommended, though I think the most impressive build-wise is the Entry Grade, and my personal favourite is the High Grade Origin. I think I’ll buy another of those so I can assemble it in a true Mid-Type config for a trip to the Island.

EDIT: Camera is no longer fogged, so I can give you a better look at these 1/144 kits!

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