Yamato 2199 1/72 Cosmo Falcon from Wiz33

Well. Finally finished it the best I can. The water decals on the wings and tail were a big pain (see note after pictures).

As my 3rd completely detailed kit after returning to model building. I though it would go easy as it’s a pretty simple build. Then it got caught in the details ;-(. I have not work with large water decal pieces in a long time. (last one were the decals for the Imai 1/72 VF-1S over 30 years ago). I ordered some Mr. Hobby Mark softer when I was putting together my new set of supplies and they worked well with the water decal on my unpainted Cosmo Zero. It’s not until we got the the large decals on the wings and tail of the Cosmo Falcon when I ran into trouble. There are quite a bit of raised and sunken details on the wing and the decals just did not conform well even with repeated application of mark Softer. Ended up having to take a X-acto and score along the panel lines.

It’s not until after all that that it suddenly occurs to me that I did not see the “Wrinkle” effect on the decal when I was using the Mark Softer. So it’s either not strong enough to work on the large decals (the decals on the Cosmo Zero were all small) or something have happened to my bottle between then and now. Well. I just started building a 2nd Falcon today with my friend’s son and I stopped at D&J and picked up some Micro Sol and Set. We’ll see how they work. If not. I’ll just remove it and spray paint it.

Here’s a short video:


This looks awesome man. Ive never seen the show this is from but it’s a cool design. Ive used mr mark softer before and never had the problem your talking about. Maybe you didnt use enough. I usually get the wrinkle effect pretty quick when ive used it. Despite your dilemma this thing still came out looking great.

Looks great man! That sucks about the decals. I’d hit it with the microsol when you get it just to see if it helps. It’s a shame you didnt’ have the set and sol first. Putting microset first then the decal helps soften the decal, then micro set melts it right down.

That thong does look good. Im with ace on this one. Ive never seen the anime its from but i like it. And sorry to hear about the decal problems. I have never had the chance to use water slides before so i know nothing about them.

You still planning on getting the 1/500 yamato? You might want to wait for these. (Hangar set in June and photo-etch no date by Bandai Premium only)

Oh man, that 1/12 Analyzer… I think i have to get that. Only 20ish bucks! I don’t think i’m gonna get the 500, there is too much work id want to put into it. lmao

That looks excellent. The detail is spot on, and the decals are fabulous! I’m still amazed with how well you painted that tiny pilot figure.

Man that thing is impressive to say the least great job!

Thank you all. If you have not watched the show. It’s worth checking out. It’s arguably the show that leads the Japanese anime invasion of the U.S. and many other country way back when. The original have a good story and the remake kept all that along with updated CGI graphics.

Best I can make out of the fuzzy text is that it should be out either May or June. I’m getting the hangar set. I won’t go all out like Dave on his 1/500 but I’ll probably install the WMG kits that’s on the market.

The overall result is pretty snazzy and I’m sure anyone else won’t really notice your troubles with the decals. Curious to see how your second one will fare.

That is some great looking work man. You did a great job on that kit. I’ve never seen the show, so I really don’t know anything about it. But I know a great looking kit when I see it. Hopefully the Micorsol will help lay your decals down a bit better.

That must’ve taken a lot of time to make it look so clean, good job and kudos to your collection with something this awesome!

It’s actually not too bad. Much simpler build than a RG GP-01 (which took me about 30 hours). I would say the actual build was about 10-12 hours spread over 2 weeks. The Pilot figure, masking the canopy and paint accounts for about an hour and the decals accounts for about 2-3 even with the problem on the wing decals.