Would this work on ....

Hey forums,

I’ve newly discovered something. You see, I was searching for a method to create your own decals. Then I tripped over this.


It was stunning to conceive how easy it was to generate your own designs.
However, having been doubting whether I’d be successful or not.

So, what do you think ?

I wager they’d be too thick with this method, but if you try, do share your results.

If I buy them cheaply, then I will. (I’m almost broke xD)

yeah let us know how it turns out

I’ll be working in a hobby shop soon (to perform a school project called “work experience”)

There, as I intend, I am going to enquire about whether it’s possible to create one’s own decals.

Those are vinyl decals, they’re alot thicker than the decals we use on models. If you want to print your own decals, just buy decal paper. Its fairly cheap, and they make it for both inkjet and laser printers.

One can buy decal paper for both inkjet and laser printers. All you have to do is print an image to the decal paper, and you get custom decals.

The catch being that you need a special printer to print white, but if you don’t need white decals, you’re good.

EDIT: Looks like Squee beat me to it.