Witch From Mercury Opening Theme songg

The first episode of Gundam Witch From Mercury is out now and I will comment on that as soon as i’ve had a chance to watch it, but for now all I have seen is the opening credit, and I wanted to be among the first to comment on the opening theme song, “Shukufuku”.
My opinion of Shukufuku:
It doesn’t do anything for me. It’s a big snooze. Give me Silent Voice or Animejanai any day!
James Staley
Jones, Okla.
Anime Fan 4ever

For me it’s just okay. It doesn’t jump out to me, but it definitely beats say, the 2nd openings for IBO and G Reco (Survivor and Futari no Mahou) for instance.
I do kinda wish they reversed the ED and the OP. Kimi yo Kedakaku Are is just so much more high energy and it’s been stuck in my head since yesterday morning. It’s definitely gonna be like G Reco where I associate the show with the ED instead of the OP.

Easily the worst Gundam theme for the worst Gundam show since SEED Destiny.

So apparently the lyrics for the OP have been translated. And the whole reason the The Cradle World short story is in the music second of the website is because the OP is supposed to be based on it. So it’s entirely from Ariel’s perspective talking about and to Suletta. Honestly, knowing this this definitely makes me appreciate it a lot more. Because lyrically it definitely feels fitting and relates to the actual story more than most anime OPs. And honestly, I kinda like the idea of starting every episode with words from the voiceless character. Musically it’s till kinda meh to me but I definitely enjoy it more knowing the full context.

You fall asleep
The future you choose, the path you wish to take
Wherever they may lead
Those stars will be living it with you

Memories of long ago
This planet has brought in tow
You’ve kept wishing,
If only you could jump
Into the twinkling scenery beyond

Alone in a lonely world
Praying and hoping
Imagining a dream
You look to the future
So if you’ve chosen to forge onward
Rather than run away…

It’s not the image someone else has drawn
It’s not the stage someone else has chosen
It’s a story we’re creating together
So you’ll never be alone again
Until the day the blade in your heart
Cuts through the chains
We’ll always be fighting together

A fate that’s already been decided?
Just break it
We’re not puppets
It’s your world, it’s your future
You can shape it into any story you want

As if you were running, as if you were hiding,
You climbed into this cockpit
But you’re not a crybaby anymore
Before you knew it, you’ve become so strong

This is your life
(It doesn’t belong to anyone)
There aren’t any answers
(Only the path you choose)
The spell has already been broken
So leave behind this predetermined fiction
Break out
And take flight

With a speed that no one can catch up to
Kick off from the ground and soar through the air
This cursed future
Will be changed by your own hands
There’s surely so much you can grasp
By forging onward and never giving up
You can become even stronger
To be born upon this star
To go on living in this world
With hope that you’ll love every moment
I give you all my blessings

Do you know “Eternal Wind”, the closing theme song from F91? That’s a song that reaches into your soul and is worthy of being a Gundam piece with the lyrics, “Pray don’t breakup a peace forever”!!

James Staley