WIP - Full Armour Gundam Thunderbolt battle worn

Hi Forum!

I am very new to this forum and very new to the hobby.

I got the Thunderbolt Gundam years ago as a gift. Literally out of nowhere…
It was catching dust on my shelf for that whole time. Until I recently decided to build it.

Looking at the current prices of this set it might be a sacrilege to you guys to heavily weather it instead of giving it a shiny paint job…^^

However, I am not a great modeller nor painter. Ignoring this fact, I began to build with of all things the shields and, of course, botched my-first-water-decal ™. And because, on an eyecatcher like the shields, that would just look ugly I decided to fully weather the whole thing…:smiley:

So, join me on my feckles and cluesless journey around damaging the shoot out of this cool mecha. I am already loving it. After all, Daryl didn’t have it any better! XD

Yours sincerely