WIP Custom MG Destiny Gundam Ver. RX

As an 80’s kid I grew up watching the UC timeline. Gundams from the UC timeline influence me a lot and i’ve always wish the newer Gundam anime could have a mobile suit that resembles more to the Gundams in UC series.

Here I’m trying to use one of my favorite Gundam from the Cosmic Era and give a little UC feel to it. I use an MG Destiny, the build is pretty straight forward by customizing the shoulder and add a simple backpack. Been working on this for more than a month now and the kit is now primed.

Great use of parts. It looks awesome so far.

Bossguy speaks the truth. That is some awesome looking work man. A RX-78 inspired Destiny is certainly something new, and it’s looking very good.

@Bossguy - Thank you! In the midst of painting now. hehe!
@thwalker13 - Well… i hope it will turn out good. keeping my finger crossed!

That looks great man. Can’t wait to see it completed and great idea on using the Unicorn Gundam as well.