WIP custom Freedom(ish)

I started this while I was back in the USN stationed in Japan. Its been in storage for a while but I was hoping to get some opinions and maybe some feedback on the design. The current legs shown here are broken and being replaced with the Lighting Zeta Gundam’s legs.

Could only post on new image at a time atm.

it look pretty cool but your gonna run into weight issues with so much on the backpack. Which will also limit posing.

Ya alotta joints on that need tightening. That unfortunately is a problem. Maybe I can look into shortening the wings some to achieve the same effect but save weight.

Ya, I’ve had some new inspiration, and am noticing a lot of flaws with this kit. So I think Ima wipe the slate clean, and start over. Ill still see about salvaging parts off this though, but the vision of what I want has changed.