Wing Zero Concept

Would like feedback and thoughts on this. Created this in New Gundam Breaker.
Wing Infinite Zero concept I would love to truly build one day. The only main thing I wasn’t able to add in the game was the third thruster unit to the backpack. The third unit wouldn’t be thrusters but would be identical to the other two but placed in the middle. It would house the Buster bits (DRAGOON/Funnel system) and would open outward instead of inward like the normal thrusters. Extra thruster added to the legs to increase maneuverability. A folding gimmick to the Buster Rifle where the front half would fold under the back turning it into a high beam rifle with repeated shots, when the full strength is needed the barrels would flip back up. The reason for the Infinite in the name would be from the hidden Twin Drive System, the GN Drives would be housed in the shoulders and the beam sabers would be stored in the forearms. Only way the GNT would be notice would be when Trans-Am would be active, the shoulders would pop open to reveal them to let the max energy output flow. Other things are the MMI-M15 “Xiphas” Railgun added to the waist and hidden GN blades in the shield.

This sounds interesting. You should try going a custom built kit of it.

Sounds like a truly awesome build. I’d love to see this kit being built and when it’s all done. Are you thinking 1/144 scale or 1/100?

I was thinking the 1/100 with the Wing Proto Zero MG because it has a more aggressive look compared to the original. It be my backup suit if GBN could be a real thing.

I was going to recommend the Proto, but that will require you to buy 2 new kits or find a prebuilt kit to say some money.

I’ve built one Proto already and been going through the manual to figure out how to get my ideas to work.

Well the certainly makes things easier since you already have one.

If I was you I’d make a adapter out of plastic styrene that allows you to plug the 3rd binder into the the two slots on the backpack where the shield attaches.

I’ll look into it, thanks for the idea

Your welcome.

That sounds like an awesome build.