Willing to trade: Gunpla Kits, Zoids Kits, Robot Spirits

Hello everyone,
Not sure if there is a trade section here on the forums anymore, there used to be a somewhat active one, and I made a couple trades back in the day. I have a handful of kits in my backlog from a few years ago that I no longer want to build, and I was thinking about trading them for kits either me or my brother would rather have. Please PM me with any trade offers, mostly looking for recent (2014 and up) Master Grade kits, any P-Bandai kits, and Kotobukiya Zoids HMM kits. Unbuilt Kits Only Please.

For Trade (All Kits are New and in Box, unless mentioned. Robot Spirits are opened but still in box)

  • MG Gundam Epyon
  • MG P-Bandai Gelgoog Cannon
  • MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth
  • MG Zeta Plus C1 + two boxes of Mr. Gundam Color paint made specifically for it (Unbuilt and complete, through missing its box. I will ship in another MG box. Paint is dried out, not sure if it is still usable)
  • Zoids HMM Liger Zero Panzer Parts (Add-On only, Needs the base Liger Zero kit)
  • Hasbro Energy Liger Model Kit
  • Robot Spirits Shinkiro from Code Geass
  • Robot Spirits Nirvash The End from Eureka Seven

I also have a ton of parts and bits from a couple dozen random HG/MG kits from my brother and my early days of Gunpla, some built, some unbuilt. If there is any interest, I will post some pics and take some offers.