Why the hate for SD?

Yeah I really enjoyed building that one. It was just a bunch of random parts left over from another set of kit bashes and some broken SD Gunpla that a “friend” of mine once owned.I’m glad that person is gone from my life but the way they treated gunpla pissed me off

Oh dear, what’s the story behind that, if you don’t mind me asking? Did they damage a bunch of pieces before giving them to you or something?

Basically she only got into Gunpla to try and break up my wife and I (we where going through stuff at the time all better now :v: ) . When she realized that wasn’t going to work she tossed (more like fast pitched) all of them in a box and left them on my hood at work. The HG Gunpla where In good shape no so much the SD (she knew I liked SD more). I salvaged what I could to make his main body. I then used some hg accessories for the weapons (all the SD weapons where missing, probably thrown away as a way to have a jab at me, she was pretty bitter).
He is the Arsenal Gundam to me his is a stern reminder who I can trust.

Oh good gods, that’s horrible! I’m glad everything’s alright now, but none of that was okay for her to do! Though, I suppose it also shows your skill with gunpla, the ones you’ve shown are really amazing!

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Thanks the first one I posted it the second ones upgrade.

Man; that’s messed up. Sorry you had to go through that.

Re. SD Gundam: I’ve never seen any of the shows. If there’s one out there that’s genuinely funny, I’d be willing to give it a try. As for models, the aesthetic just doesn’t appeal to me. With Gundam models, I’ve always been drawn to subjects that seem like they could fit in some future version of the real world.

The TV shows are hit or miss on me. I mean I really like SD Gundam Force but I can see where it had its issues and needed some improvements. The best writing they’ve ever done for SDs is in build divers and it’s sequel at least in my opinion. I still wouldn’t mind a spin-off of that focusing only on SD line


Hey guys I know it’s been a bit since anyone posted here but figured I’d share a couple SD’s with you guys just for fun.One of them was a tear down and rebuild of it original (left) that I did and the other is his upgrade (right). The original was a proof of concept for a high grade that I was planning on building. to be honest both it and it’s high grade counterpart turned out very nice and eventually led into me upgrading the high grade but I never went back and upgraded the SD. When I decided it was time to upgrade the SD I decided instead to build a completely new one and keep my original. however due to the originals age I decided it needed a bit of an update as my skills are gotten quite a bit better since I originally built this 2-3 years ago.

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