Why the hate for SD?

From what I see, everyone hates on SD. I guess it has to do with SDGF?

SD was around way before that somewhat poor excuse of a series came out. Granted, I like SDGF, but it has its moments where it’s just too bleh.

From the way I see it, there are two “SD”

SD MS Robots



SD MS Mecha



There is a BIG difference. For one SD “Robots” are living, like a person. They get along, they eat, sleep, pal around with humans. They are about 5 feet tall, give or take.

SD “Mecha” are about the height of regular Gundams, except for their looks, they are identical. They are piloted. They do not live.

Me, I’m a fan of SD “Robots” more so than SD “Mecha”. But if SDGF is you’re reason for hating both, you’re hating for the wrong reason.

now i know for a fact that i think that SDFG is the biggest stain on the Gundam Franchise since Doozy bots (for the love of everything good and holy dont ask me what that is!!!lol) but as for the rest of SD Gundam i actually dont hate it, in fact Sangoduken (if i spelled it right lol) is one of my favorite SD Gundam shows. i havent seen all of the series and i may not know japanese (the episodes i watched had english sub) but i actually enjoyed it. As for SDGF…-______-…not so much.

I just don’t care much for the SD style. I’ve honestly never seen any of the SD series enough to judge them.

I have only ever seen one SD series that came on, and I wasn’t a fan. SD design with regular camera eyes = imokwiththis, SD design where they have human eyes = getthatoutmyface.

I like SD versions of suits, but some of the really ornate ones take some needing to get into. Any of the ones based on historical figures from japan (Sasuke Sarutobi, Date Masamune, Miyamoto Musashi, Kojiro Sasaki, etc), I will be willing to buy.

(Excuse me as I revive this topic to give my two cents.)

As one of the very few who actually loves SDGF despite its numerous flaws, I have never really fully understood the hate for it or other SD series. I mean, yes it has plenty of mistakes (especially in S1, it really did not need to be as long as it was for the relevant content it had), but compared to other general anime I’ve seen it’s basically the harmless sort of mistakes. Certainly not the sort eight year old me cared about when it first aired, and that the older me used as inspiration to start writing my own stuff.

In fact, I’m having a lot of fun now since my first gundam series (and the only one for a long time) was SDGF specifically because it’s based on so many other series. I wish you all could have seen my reaction to seeing what the non-GMs look like or what I recognized from SDGF in G Gundam. Then again, I was also uncertain about looking into the other series specifically due to the community at large’s treatment of SDGF and the few fans it has, so maybe I’m an even smaller minority in this whole mindset.

Though, while I can only speak for SDGF, I certainly haven’t heard of any particular issues with the other series being vocalized. I suppose the cutesy style isn’t for everyone, though I personally really like it. I’ll likely end up buying any of the SD’s I can though, especially the Gundam Force kind.

This is where I chime in, and say, it’s like that in all sections of Gundam, no matter what you like someone will lampoon it. Just ignore it, and enjoy what you want.

Trying to either fight over it, or talk over it, generally causes nothing but headaches.

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I actually dislike SD episode series, but love the model kit.

I mean the old SD stuff is pretty funny. Gundam Force? No.

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Haven’t seen any of the series’. Built a few of the kits.
I can’t speak for the shows as I haven’t seen any of them. But for the kits, I personally think they require to much effort to make them look decent. And my OCD has a field day with the proportions. So when I build them, they are few and far between.

SDs have come a long way. SD EX Standard kits have gotten a bad rep from what I remember but the recent SDCSs have been excellent. I have the Zaku, Ground Gundam, and the Sisquede, and definitely plan on getting a Nightingale sometime soon. I’m still waiting for the Efreet that was announced for the CS Line. We got the Rex and Freedom, so hopefully soon~

I’m noticing that too, I bought a few SD kits and they just…don’t have the level of detail even similar to HG models. I haven’t built the newer one I have yet (the Xiahou Yuan Tallgeese) but it as well as both one of the older Gundam Force kits I bought and the much newer Hello Kitty Gundam don’t even have full hands. I know that’s an easy fix if you just use another pair of hands from a HG or something, but it’s a little annoying if you don’t have any spares.

I know it’ll never happen, but it’d be nice if they remade Gundam Force for it’s 20th anniversary or something, with better writing and more solid animation. As much as I love it, it does have a ton of flaws - I even tried to rewrite it and burnt myself out - and it could have been so much of a better series. At least, based on the second half that never actually aired in the US.

SD gunpla do take a lot of crap sometimes. However there is a fairly strong community of people who absolutely love those kind of suits. Myself being one of them. In fact I’ve been working on this guy for a little over a month now. He will be my fourth SD custom and my only one using all SDCS parts for the main body.


That looks really good! What opened me up to SD was the Sangoku series. I love the Talgeese varients, and I want to do something with them.

Do the SDCS frames work with the Sankgoku SD Gundams?

Sadly no no without some modifications.

I’ve been meaning to watch some of the Sankgoku series too! And Cyco is right, your’s looks amazing! All the work you’re putting in is definitely worth it~

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Thanks, I start top coating tomorrow. I hope to have him finished by friday night. He is a upgrade to this guy.

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That’s a good looking custom there.

First off i’d like to give an example i personally encountered many years ago .
It was a video game based on Gundam franchise . I had few people i considered as friends .
One day we played free for all match . I was Federation side , they where on Zeon .
2 vs 1 , casual my luck , luckily Lady Luck was leading me towards a guaranteed victory .
Here where fate took ugly turn on events , lobby was closed and i received all kinds of hate for being on Federation ms side.
Such experience i encountered for first time. I was least super shocked. Such hate.
And now , after so many year passed , i see such hate just as childish ambition , affection to choose and glorify on subject no matter what ! Stupid least . So many series , so many universes already created under Bandai banner and you still fighting ? You still seek justice where it shouldn’t be ?? What’s wrong with you people ? Just let it go and enjoy your hobby respectfully.
Personally , i dislike G , Reconguista Gundam , Builders series but never turned my back on people who enjoy this . Yes , i could mention lot of aspects ; story , design , characters , but i always find something good at least on 5% ratio.
As i mentioned above , i dislike these series , but also i admit several great designs , such i have also in my collection .
RESPECT. Respect people for what they are , not for opinions , tastes , likes.
I’m also sorry if my thoughts are confusing . I’m really tired of all this situation and looking forward to come back …


I think I get what you mean dude, I wish more people took that approach. Sadly though, not many do, even if they’re old enough to know better. At least, that’s the sort of thing I experienced for Gundam Force consistently in person and online. Took me a long while to learn to stop caring (since I was and am a very anxious person) even if it made me disappointed that some people just can’t see what I see in these less popular anime both in and outside the Gundam franchise.


You are a smart girl.