Why isn't Gundam on TV?

I don’t get it, gundam has had 2 series come out in the recent years that is aimed at the younger crowd, yet why isn’t it on american TV? I’m taking mainly about AGE and Build Fighters, this would be perfect for kids so why isn’t it showing up on tv?

Because Bandai Entertainment is on it’s death throws and has said that they’re pretty much pulling out of the US market, besides Finishing up Unicorn.

Also Build Fighters isn’t even done yet, and the shows usually finish in Japan before geting dubed, and AGE didn’t do well in Japan, and personally I don’t see it doing better in America where aside from Wing, and one may argue G to a lesser extent, hasn’t done to well and even those didn’t do was well as other Anime’s over here. (Namely DBZ, OP, Bleach, and Naruto etc.)

Best hope for it now, is if someone liceses it out and dubs it, or if Bandai comes to think that they may be able to make it profitable over here and give it another try, but I personally think AGE wouldn’t be the best to do it with. Personally I don’t think that it’d do to well even pandering to the younger crowed (Even ZZ which was aimed there isn’t held as in high regard as 0079 or Zeta), it hasn’t worked over there when they tried it so I don’t think it’ll do any better over here, best they can do is aim for the 17+ and see if it sticks.

Call me negitive as allways but the reason it isn’t on TV over here is because it never does to well, I mean the New Toonami was supposed to re-air wing, so maybe they’ll do that and it’ll bolster it, and back when Ani-Monday was a thing on Sci Fi (before it became all badly made Drama’s, Movies, Make up shows, and Ghost investigations) 00 ran twice, don’t know how well recived it was. (They also played Macross and stuff do, God I miss Ani Monday)

Best bet IMO is if somewhere gets TV rights to play Unicorn (Toonami now that it’s back, Adult Swim maybe?) when it’s fully done, and try to pander to the older viewers with it’s insanely high production quality. They could also try 00 again on there as well.

Bandai Entertainment is out of the licensing new content game, so at most a previously licensed show like Wing is all we’re gonna get. Realistically, anime on American TV is dying fast, and while I think Build Fighters might do alright with it’s target audience here, the networks aren’t going to give up valuable screen real estate to a franchise that has been mostly mid tier over here since the Wing days (unicorn is the exception), especially when it is expensive.

Wish I had seen this earlier. Bandai Ent North America closed down exactly a year ago this month. Unicorn final releases will be handled by RightStuf.

If we go back, it was a long and sortied affair that got Gundam from doing well, to hitting the crapper in the US. Wings airing marked the highest point in Gundam in the US.

G Gundam did okay, but nothing like Wing. 08th MS team did better than G, and the Adult Swim runs of 0083, and 0080 went well as well. The first nail in the coffin was the airing of 0079.

Yes, hiss, boo, cry blasphemy, but it’s the truth. The dated animation, wonky sound track, and general feel of the anime was old, and many kids got turned off by it. Then it was followed up by SD Gundam. The ratings on that show was so bad, well lets not go there. Between these two series, which were the last full Gundam series to run during the week day Toonami, burst the bubble of Gundam in the US.

A few years later, when Toonami started it’s Saturday run, Gundam Seed was added to the roster. This show should have been aired during the Adult Swim block, but both Bandai, and CN thought they could rekindle the spark, however the once a week airing of the show, and eventual shutdown of toonami killed Seed in the US, while it did wonderfully in Canada.

After that, Destiny aired in Canada (both Seed, and Destiny getting 4 complete runthroughs), but never saw the light of day state side.

After that all was quiet in the US for a few years untill Scifi aired 00. It aired late, wasn’t advertised, and was handled incompetently as proven by the total lack of Animonday in it’s entirety now.

Honestly it was one misstep after another, and Bandai JP is mostly to blame for it, since I believe they controlled the content available to Bandai US to the point of completely ignoring the market in this country, and thinking the japanese model would be successful when clearly it wasn’t in the end.

I’ve done a little bit of analysis on which Gundam series could make it over here to the New Toonami and really the only realistic series to air is 00. The New Toonami’s standards are that each show has to have a least a 16:9 aspec ratio and a picture resolution of 480p or better. The only Gundam series that could meet that criteria is 00 or the HD Remasters of Seed, but let’s face it, Seed kind of killed Gundam in the US… kind of.

It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again, 0079 killed the anime’s mainstream success in the US (and BEI tried mightily to get Bandai Japan to let them air X or G instead, but were ignored), and G killed the merchandising lines (see Toys R US’s filled with nothing but hurricane and mermaid Gundams). The other series all made a profit in the US, according to BEI, but it was consistently a mid tier level seller from SEED on in the US, until Unicorn, which BEI highlighted in their closure interviews as the most successful Gundam release outside of Japan post Wing.

Bandai Japan may have knocked Gundam out of mainstream success in the US through their meddling, but the casual piracy associated with the US anime market made the relatively meager profits not worth the effort to localize it anymore. At most all we’ll get are cheaply made subs on Gundam.info and Daisuki for the foreseeable future since those avenues allow Bandai to stoke interest in Gundam merchandise abroad, while minimizing the damage caused by piracy and reverse importation. If we’re lucky, we might see them let Right Stuf distribute sub-only DVDs from ZZ, AGE, Build Fighters, and rerelease the previously licensed Gundam shows, but that’s about it.

I still love u 0079. Lol

I love 0079 too, but I remember seeing it air after Wing had finished its initial run; it was jarring to say the least.

the only thing I don’t like on the new toonami was them bringing back Naruto something that Killed the old toonami, and Inuyasha after it was over run with repeats since 2002

I wish we had Gundam on tv growing up. Needless to say, watching a classic like this doesn’t give the same feel when you’re older and used to more conventional things in the world, than when you’re young and still open to artistic innovation.

That’s just my lament for today (And the rest of my life).

I remember when the Gundam Movie Trilogy was dubbed back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, but it never aired on tv