Why is Relena so creepy?

The title says it all. Why is Relena from Wing so creepy? And lady Une? Why are women in Wing so creepy?

Holy Hell, Relena is NOT creepy!
She is a bit odd, I will admit, but she see’s a Bigger picture, and she wants to know why and what is going on.

Une, is a bit Creepy, but that’s because she is our resident psycho.
but they turn out better in the end.

Dorthy however… She IS creepy

relena IS creepy. what else do you call someone who stalks a guy who has threated to kill you?

^That just said it all. Heero randomly appears and claims to take your life. He later points a gun at you and is about to effing kill you.

You ignore the man that saved your life and try to help the guy that TRIED to kill you, literally, TRIED.

I however love her in her Queen outfit, I wonder what she smells like.

Lady Une, no doubt, she is creepy when she’s violent. She’s mental.

Wha- no no no no mo…

You just said she is Creepy to be interested in trying to find out more about a man who you found marooned on a Beach then who then tries to kill himself, then runs away only to show up in YOUR school, then he threatened to kill said individual. She tries to put 2 and 2 together but it doesn’t add up, so yeah she may be a little obsessed. I guess that’s a little creepy.
but then YOU say, hey she looks good I wonder what She SMELLS like?

Relena is Creepy?

All the characters in Gundam Wing are incredibly creepy. Every single one. The most human one gets out of the characters there is maybe Quatre or Duo…
But then even Quatre vaporizes what is basically an entire city of people for very self-centered and selfish reasons and Duo is so proud of murdering hundred of people that he dubs himself “The God of Death”.

There isn’t a single non-psychopath out of the entire cast of that series. And it is really due to the series being so badly written. There were certain ideas about what should happen politically in the series and ideas of what sort of political, life and battle philosophies should be represented in the struggle… and then “characters” were made based on that and all of their actions are driven by what situations the plot wants to force rather than what would be a human reaction to anything.

In fact-- throughout virtually the entire Gundam Wing story, there is little to no indication as to who the Gundam pilots are, where they came from or what their goals are until fairly late in the series. Even when their origins are sort of uncovered, it really makes no sense how they got the Gundams in the first place and how they were assigned to eliminate OZ or why they agreed to this.

This may very well be even worse or, perhaps, just much more noticeable when it comes to the female characters… but certainly if one takes a critical look at it, it is clear that the writers of Gundam Wing were pretty incapable of writing intelligent, rational, sympathetic characters… and any fondness for the characters at all probably has a lot more to do with the artists and the voice actors.

I don’t find Relena to be creepy at all. She’s just gone through a lot of traumatic ordeals. Dorothy on the other hand. That bitch is nuts.

Yep. I can understand if people still love Wing because it turned them on to Gundam and perhaps anime in general. And I really like some of the designs (Tallgeese I, Endless Waltz Sandrock). I just can’t get into it. Trust me, I tried. I (think I) understand the angle that the writers were going for in regard to the pilots who are kind of freelance, but they come across as disconnected and flat.
It’s not that the Gundam pilots are moral ambiguous or mysteriously suave. They’re just one-sided cardboard cutouts. The entire time, I felt like the series was written by punky middle schoolers who had seen part of Char’s Counterattack and a couple of episodes of G Gundam, thought it was the same story, and wanted to write a fan fiction about it.
Zechs was so concerned with the Mobile Dolls that were piloted by computers. But he should have been more worried about the boys flying around that had even less expression or character than the endless autopilot Virgos they were slicing through. Creepy.

let’s focus on the main characters : (but I’ll take care of shortening a few things)

The boyband :

Heero : Yes, he seems weird.
Duo : He’s faced death and its dangers so many times, his “relation” to death may not be fathomable. That’s not veritable at all but somehow abstract and (I may praise him exaggeratingly) deep in terms of character.
Trowa : He attempts to conceal his emotions. However, sometimes that doesn’t work at all. Furthermore, he has a death wish.
Quatre : He is able and modestly likely to grow odd in character at times.
Wufei : No weird person at all. I am capable of comprehending his feelings, reasons and demeanor in entirety. He’s the boy wishing for mankind to live in peace whereas he aspires to vanquishing the stronger. The realm he’s been engulfed to actually causes him to appear weird sometimes. Considering he’s lost his fiancee, you ought to understand and grasp why he names his suit nataku. He seeks for justice and success.

The girls :

Dorothy : She desires to experience purity in battle. She wants men to be men. She’d certainly be silent if there were to be Kou fighting Gato in the series for that is what she demands.
Catherine : No.
Noin : Yup. Her reasonability throughout the show doesn’t make up for her obsession with Zechs.
Hilde : No.
Sally : No.

Zechs : Yes.
Treize : Kind of. He’s a frank and just person sometimes. He’s a true leader and omniscient. However, he sometimes assumes a deceptive character.

wow death-scythe, you covered everyone EXCEPT Relena.
c’mon guys Stay on topic.

I just watched the ending of the episode and that is what I find the creepiest…
You know where she is sort of on a holiday to Africa or something.
Yes lady Une is definitely the creepiest character there…

Oh yes, that’s an oxymoron, isn’t it?

Okay, Relena isn’t creepy, but she does have some problems with her, like we mentioned the thing about liking a guy that wants to kill you.
She’s okay.

I did so intentionally, thinking everything concerning relena had been said.

Wait … haven’t we come to a conclusion so far?

Well I have but i was interested in what others thought. I generally don’t like spoiled rich girls with delusions of grandeur. It just happens that pretty much everyone in Wing is a mental basket case.

That Relena’s a wild one. I’d love to know what she would have become if she hadn’t met Heero Yuy, or her adoptive father wasn’t assasinated by the woman she later made her ally. rolls eyes

Still, what does Relena smell like? If only they extended realism to scent as well as vision.

I did so intentionally, thinking everything concerning relena had been said.

Wait … haven’t we come to a conclusion so far?

Yes, Defacto the matter is, I am right and my opinion is the only one that matters.
Relena is Not Creepy!

… What is wrong with you?

i understand Shin Starlord, scent memory is after all the strongest out of them all so knowing how someone smells is also an important factor in deciding many things.

Nothing at all, I would just like to know what perfume she uses, or the fragrance of the soap that’s on her skin.

Other than this, I don’t find her as creepy as Une.

katamuro’s got it right, scent is an important factor for first impressions.

It is clear you are massive fans of these characters, but you seem to have assigned more to them than actually exists in the anime. There is really only the brief sketchy outline. And which of these is not creepy, crazy or kind of evil when you really get down to brass tacks?

There is nothing particularly deep about Duo either. You probably want there to be something deep, but… few of his words or actions at all fits together and his general handling of things really has no consistency and is clearly driven more by plot concerns than actual character motivation or direction.

And WuFei?.. I’ll point out that a huge story arc for WuFei is that he goes to an OZ training camp and basically murders hundreds of helpless trainees for absolutely no reason but to be an absolute dick and then, upon hearing that their commander training them was a female, decides to NOT kill her, but instead humiliate, degrade and debase her verbally before dismissing her with disdain.

Oh… then after defeating his enemy with relative ease and being upset he didn’t put up enough of a fight, he chooses to join the daughter of his vanquished enemy in order to shatter the peace of the world had created by dismantling all mobile suits and instead help her attempt world domination… basically for kicks.

I know there is supposed to be this character guide that STATES that WuFei is supposed to be some sort of honorable warrior looking for the strongest opponent who would like the world to be at peace… but no one who actually WATCHED the series could possibly say that. He is characterized as a underhanded, treasonous misogynistic sadist-- no matter how cool his Gundam might look. (In fact, his Gundam is one of my favorites.)

And Trowa was basically a blank slate. Much like Heero, at no point during the series does he has any sort of graspable motivation or goal. I guess when we are told he is an amnesiac blank slate who stole the name of his boss’s son who was murdered right before he was supposed to launch on the mission… something is supposed to be explained there. But following his through the series, he is practically a leaf on the wind.

Quatre comes across as the most human of the whole bunch, but even he has his mass murderer moment.

And Heero is just plain a sociopath whose actions never really connect into a coherent narrative. He could well have been replaced with an assassin android character who was all glitched up and it wouldn’t have changed much.

Each of them has a scene, some of them several scenes, across the length of the series that really crystallize just how utterly insane they really are. And when combined with other scenes in which they appear to take a total 180 and show sympathy for others or act on some sort of discernible principle-- not because there was any sort of developing character arc that turned them from one to the other, but simply for plot convenience so that the writer could make some sort of inane point in the episode… the bad writing has created a situation where, at best, they are basket cases… and, in any event, never should have been entrusted with super powerful mobile suits that were invulnerable to all other suits and could destroy them with ease.

When you really get down to it, as really terrible as Relena comes across when you really lay her actions over the course of the series down and examine them critically, she is in good company in that series. Because not a character among the entire cast really has any sort of definable consistency or principle across the numerous really extreme and rash actions they take, often at the cost of people’s lives.

But a lot of these same problems arose in the 00 series as well, perhaps even worse. The 00 series is the only Gundam series where, like in Code Geass, I found myself emotionally invested in rooting for the stated antagonists. But Gundam Wing would have come quite close to doing the same thing if the villain weren’t, when you really cut through all the crap, basically a military contractor that decided to start a big war and arm both sides to profit off of it.