Why did you choose your username?

I don’t think there’s been a thread like this. It’s a simple one, I’ve seen plenty of unique usernames on this site, probably not originating from Gundam, and if you feel like sharing your story on that, please do.

The “shin” in my name comes from my eventual selection of a name in a 16-bit RPG, that only allowed 4 characters to be selected for a character name. “star” comes from my love for science fiction, and “lord” is a homage to a strong mage, also in an RPG.

I suppose even if your username is about Gundam, then you should share it to. It doesn’t matter if it’s crazy unique :smiley:

Fancying d-scythe, I took deathscythe!

The exclamation mark at the end is original though

I chose mine in reference to German artist and free jazz saxophonist Peter Brotzmann. He’s somewhat inspirational to me for the wild music he performed in the 60’s. He was doing extreme/abrasive music at a time where it must have seemed crazy to audiences.

This has been the name i’ve used online for almost 15 years now. lol

Mine came from the name of a network devices vendor (D-Link), then adding the “er” to make it slightly different.

My first one “Kenyon”, came from my middle name and i was thinking at the time i was gonna be here for a SHORT while and forget about this place (Boy was i wrong :p)…so i chose that. Then i had it changed to my current Name Kenico after getting bored with the first one and seeing i had been here long enough lol. That latter i have no clue where i got it but i invented that name a LONG time ago lol.

Ruined Exia refers to Exia in the first episode of season two, and my nickname to my closer friends is “Exia”
The 18 has been my number in sports for as long as I can remember. Orlando Cabrera was my favorite baseball player and that was his number.

One of my few dreams when I was a child was being some holy knight that fights off darkness.
It was a childish dream, but even till this day if I had a chance to be one…I would take it.
My current dream however is to be a pilot. No where near as close as being a Gundam pilot, but close enough.
I took on the name PaladinGundam to make it sound like some model name or something.

Kenyon I had no idea that you changed your name I thought you had left the forums altogether. Do you know why SilverFrameAstray and GNZaku don’t post anymore. ZeonsRedComet can answer this for me too

Lol short while and leave Keni? Yeah you were wrong, now you’re the poster with the highest post count. don’t worry I thought the same thing now I’m number three and am running RP’s on here lol.

Anyhow my name comes from my love of Zeon, and Char Aznable. Also it’s weird seeing as most of my usernames for online services (Sans my main E-Mail which is named after my Favorite Naruto Charictar) are a varient of Mr.c TO the J, either MrctotheJ or MrcTOtheJ. (The only one with the first one is GTAForums where it started and I got attached to it)

I picked out my name by combining my favorite gundam (at the time: Unicorn) with the username of the guy who got me into gundam in the first place, Thus RX-0 was born

I chose mine because I love the Zeta Gundam’s design. Although there was another guy who had a similar name to mine who was here before I showed up, but we don’t talk about him anymore.

me and my friends came up with Japanese names at one point the full name was Takeki Hado (family, given) I was just lazy to use the full one at the time

Hey! Zeta-G was an awesome contributor he just had very strong opinions about some subjects

And no respect for others’ opinions on those same subjects.

Lacus Clyne, from the Gundam seed, my first series.
And Optimus Prime (the bayformers version) because he’s the most violent prime ever!

Swark stands for where im from South West Arkansas and 34 if my favorite number. I wanted my screen name to be Black Khushrenada but I figured that was too long so I went with Swark

My handle name really did not come from the Extendeds of Gundam Seed. I’m a Megaman X fan, and have played the series from Megaman X up to X8. By the time X5 was released and was able to play it, there’s an interesting power add-on for Zero that causes his sword to have a small C-shaped energy that adds a small range on his Z-Saber. I was so fond of it even it wasn’t very helpful. It was the Z-Saber Extend or the Z-Extend. By the time I created my very first Yahoo email, I chose z_extend_99. 99 was jersey number at our high school basketball team.

Every since then, I would always choose “extend” (with a small ‘e’) as my handle name on any other forums or “z_extend_99” if “extend” is no longer available.

Ume (pronounced OO-may): is a Japanese Apricot aka Plum. It is also a common given name in older Japanese women, I would compare it to a name like Ester.

I chose it because I like; the fruit, Japan, the flower (plum blossoms), the sound of it, and the color purple (I associate plums with purple).


Kind of a funny story, actually.

I was one of the first handful of people to join the forum, back when it was only available to Gundam Store & More Platinum club members. I’d never actually been much of a fan of forums in general, but they were running a contest at the time and encouraged folk to join. I wanted to enter the contest, (and won first place, actually) but wasn’t terribly interested in maintaining a constant presence in the forum, so I registered with the first thing to come to mind; Asterisk, a placeholder.

Ultimately, the contest results made me like a local celebrity and I ended up making some really good friends, so I figured I’d stick around. That was 3 years ago. I’m still here, and Asterisk is the name I use everywhere nowadays.