Who to submit Gundam kit ideas at BanDai?

Does anyone know if there is a contact to submit Gundam kit ideas to at Bandai?
I submitted my idea with them and the person responded that BanDai does not recognize any submitted ideas for products which seemed very odd.

Why do you think it’s odd?

No one has any contacts to submit the idea?

I don’t know if this is true for Bandai specifically, but a lot of toy companies will not take ideas from fans due to copyright issues. Lets say they were planning on a PG Nu. If you call up and tell them to make it, theoretically you could sue them when it comes out for stealing your idea, even if they were already planning it. So most companies do a blanket no listening to ideas, and don’t worry about it.


I know someone who used to be involved with distributing bandai kits in the US. He once said bandai picks designs based on popularity which is one of the reasons why bandai does poles to see what the fans want to see.

As far as I know, no business will use ideas from outside of the company because of the liabilities of doing so.

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Rx is right. Whatever design they think will make the most money. That’s the kit they make. Why certain suits have never seen a kit, and certain ones will never get updated versions.

To add to this, it takes a lot time and resources (CAD drawing, prototyping, die-cast mold making, etc.) into creating a new kit. So unless there is a verifiable (and profitable) demand for such a suit, the costs to create a kit version would outweigh any potential benefits and this is especially compounded when a suit is relatively obscure in nature. As an example, I don’t see a lot of demand for a Master Grade (or Real Grade) version of the Messala or Gaplant even though I would love to purchase those kits. And besides, there exist perfectly fine HGUC kits of said suits.

To add to what you said, because of the amount of time a resources invested in a design is one reason why we see multiple versions of the same kit, the Zaku 2.0 and Unicorn are excellent examples of if. Bandai tries to get the most out of their model.

My son has autism and actually came up with a really good idea to use the resources BanDai already has to make a kit for customization to make it less intimidating. He didn’t want paid, he just wanted to submit his idea because he loves (LOVES) Gundam. To say someone could sue a manufacturer because they made something they asked for sounds pretty stupid but I guess anyone could find an attorney to represent them these days.

“To say someone could sue a manufacturer because they made something they asked for sounds pretty stupid.”

Considering the amount of stupid things people have sued over, it’s highly possible.

We have politicians passes laws that all family members to of someone killed by a firearm to sue gun manufacturers. Which means the family if anyone shot a firearms manufactures when ever some shots and kills another person in self defense.