Who is the Most Interesting Side-Character in the Gundam Universe?

Every mecha has side characters, wether it be the briefly mentioned crew that repairs the mech’s the staff at the helm giving orders to the pilots or just briefly or somewhat seeming unimportant characters that are just there in the background.
There essential to it feeling real because in life we all have side characters in the story’s of our own life, so my question is who is your favorite side character and why?
For me I have a couple of choices but I can’t decide yet, anyway discuss!

For me, it’s Saji Crossroad.

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I considered Saji part of the main cast, I think he was there to show the average persons perspective

Roberto from Zeta is someone that comes to mind, hes there enough and cool enough to care about him.

Hmm, well if Saji is part of the main cast, then I really don’t know.

Possibly Heine Westenfluss, I mean, he was only in the show for what, 2-3 episodes. And honestly I really wish that they had given him a bit more character development. I like his character.

Does Corin Nander count as a side-character?

Dlinker, yes. It really depends what season of 00 we are talking about when discussing saji’s prevalence as a character. S1 ( yes he’s a side) s2 (he’s a main cast sort of )

Do villains count? If so, then I’ll have to go with Ali-al Saachez.

Daguza Mackle from Gundam Unicorn. Died with bravery and contentment; it was glorious. I admire characters that can take that kind of stance toward death.

“It’s not out of pride or even to repay a debt. I listened to my heart, that’s all. I guess even cogs have them.”

In that case, my vote goes for Corin Nander. All sorts of kooky, ruthless in battle, willing to lay down his life in a moment’s notice if it means beating his opponent (like when he rushed straight to the Turn A and Turn X’s final duel in an attempt to ensure the Turn A’s victory) and the dude has lived for a looooong time though most of that is in cryo-stasis. Plus, the guy is frightened of the Wing Gundam, meaning he either got some funky propaganda during his career or he encountered it in battle.

Voltes * claps * that is all.


Fran Doll.

Naze Turbine from Iron Blooded Orphans.

Businessman? Gangster? Philanthropist? Pirate? The dude manages to be all of those things, as well as a mentor. And don’t get me started on his “unique” marriage arrangement. He’s like Gundam’s answer to Han Solo, but more successful (or lucky).

For me it’s Shimon from Build Fighters Try. He got so far in a tournament filled with customized Gunpla using only a standard built Destiny Gundam. All to make his sick little brother happy. That’s a side character that should’ve been given a bigger role.