Who hates sleep?


I do!!! Lol

As a pilot, sleep is essential. FAA recommends a minimum of at least 8 hours of sleep prior to flying.

I love my sleep, haha. If I can put in 8 hours of it each day, I will, but sadly I have to settle with five hours for most of the week. It sucks because by Friday, the effects have piled up already and I become a lazy mofo.

I hear you on that Dlinker. I get roughly 5-6 hours through the week. So I try my best to catch up on weekends. Sadly, it never happens.

I’m getting the distinct feeling y’all didn’t watch the link I posted

Okay, that was really scary. I’m such a wimp. I couldn’t even finish the video, haha.

Sleeping too much affects me to negatively, resulting in me feeling heavy and acting in a slower manner in general.
To draw a conclusion, seven hours of sleep is what I prefer to anything else.
Alas, I hardly get to sleep for seven hours because I love to stay up at night.

Haha, sorry, I didn’t watch it. I did think this was a nice topic to talk about, though.