Who are you?

For quite a while I have been having a hard time saying who am I . I mean apart from basic things like that I am a male and my name. I used to be a student, I used to be a calibrator, I an not that anymore. I used to be one nationality but I am sure that I dont fit in with those people anymore. Neither I fit in very well within my adopted country, better than the country I came from but my accent and a few other things still set me apart. But my passport still says that I am of nationality that I am not anymore. Who am I? Do you have questions like that? How do I resolve it?

I ask myself that question all the time. And i still dont know the answer

Interesting thoughts you got there katamuro. If I may ask, what urged you to ask that question of self-identity?

I have had the question for a while. I moved to UK 7 years ago when I was 14 and i remember that I never really felt to belong there too, and after 7 years I really know that its not my country anymore. but UK while comfortable still presents a lot of things that keep reminding me that I am not from here too. My name is clearly foreign, my accent, a lot of childhood or pop-culture references native to UK that I dont know. I have no nationality anymore really. My family is kinda branched off and we dont have much contact with anyone left over there. Everywhere you can start describing a person by saying, he is american, spanish, british, french… and I am just me.


Sorry I had to. I kind of feel the same sometimes. The few people I hang around with are not much like me anymore. Even worse with the people I got to school with. Where were you originally from?

Latvia. Its a small baltic state. but I am not pure latvian, I am more of less than 20% latvian with around 80% of everything else that is in around 1000km radius. My family blood has been mixed and remixed so many times its hard to say. Which is why I look like I could be from anywhere from Russia to germany. Give me a tan, let me grow out a beard, drop some 50 pounds in weight and I could pass for someone from middle-east too. i dont celebrate any specific holidays just the big ones, even those in quite a universal style.

I used to ask my self the same thing when I just stoped one day and realize.

I’m me.

Looking to hard for the Answer to a question with the most blatant of answers is a fruitless endeavor. You are what you are, and you’re everything you’re not. Both being what you are now, where then, and ever will be.

If you keep asking your self who you are, you’ll never know.

I have to admit, self seeking is extremely difficult. For years, I bounced in and out of relationship after relationship, and never once could I find a satisfying identity within myself. Relationships, friends, situations, all of it. They can either reveal or cover up your existent identity. There’s a Bible verse, it goes something like “God will eliminate the bad, so that the good can grow.” Somewhere in the book of revelations.

Sure, this has nothing to do with religion or the Bible. But it’s easy to see how you can apply this to yourself, Like I have done. Recently, I’ve been spending time with the same 7 people every weekend for 8 weeks now, and I’m in a relationship with a woman who certainly defines who I am. (Really sorry if I sound like a bragging jerk)

It’s all situations, you can find yourself. I got you.

I used to contemplate this question, who am I?. After thinking I’d destroyed my whole life after I’d gotten my GF(Wife now) pregnant at the age of 16, I’d thought of that decision as the only identity I had. I thought of myself as the “Asian Guy who got his GF Pregnant”, like seriously that was terrible (the situation, not my son) and I always asked myself your question.

I had a set of friends whom I thought we’re always going to be with me only to find them drifting away since apparently Babies are not such a topic in High School, all of my 1st Set of friends excluding 1 (one of my closest friends). My other friends in HS whom we’re 2 years ahead are now and always have been my best friends (my best man and I watch Anime together and he is an avid Gundam Fan also lol) and I still see them typically once a weak to get together (movies, drinks, whatever) and I’m glad I’d questioned myself.

They all told me (by all I mean, my wife, family & friends) that I’m me. No one else. I can’t find myself in anything else, I won’t find myself in any woman, or in anything else. After realizing that I’m the only one who can define me, it was kind of a turning point in my life. I got my shit together and did as much as I can (I was a terrible student, I apparently had capacity just no drive.). I got accepted into an Cornell University, Rice University & UT Austin(whatsgoodlonghorn), went to the one that offered me the most money, worked my ass off in School while holding down a job (I paid for my own school, my own rent, everything. Completely financially independent at 18) all while keeping up with my son. Now I kind of see what people meant by only you, can define you.

Now I’m me, you’re not so typical 22y/o Father. (Strange since I feel I’m still a child). I’m doing adult things now (LOL) about to buy my first house, paying off my Mini CooperS & raising a 5 year old with my beautiful wife.

So essentially you are the only one who can certainly say who you are.

I used to ask myself these kinds of question back when I just got out of college, started job hunting, and failed a few big interviews. I never found the answer and I know now why: At least for me, there is no set version that I can point at and say “this is me”. So, I never think about it anymore. Certain days I’m one kind of person, other days I’m another, and sometimes I’m a mix of everything I’ve been. Hmmm, maybe that’s the answer, actually. I’m who I was, who I am now, and who I can be when the situation demands it.

Yeah I get it, no one would can actually answer that apart from me. the hardest part is that I am only going to find that out and understand later when I am not bothered by the question anymore.

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