WhiteWolf's WIP

Alright figured it was time to start one of these of my own. I have ordered a few kits, and hope to get them this weekend. The kits on order are 2 HGUC 0080 Kampfers, and a HGAW Gundam DX. The DX will probably end up as a oob build, since well I don’t know what to think about changing on it yet. The Kampfers on the other hand have a couple purposes. The first will be used as a oob build/spare parts loan kit for the group build, and the second kit. The second kit I plan on cutting up, customizing, upgrading, and generally making kick ass. This will be my first serious attempt at customizing a Gunpla. Hopefully I will get lucky, since first times doing stuff, I usually out do my skills 3 fold, every time after that is another story though lol.

But, since I don’t have the kit yet, I will start off by posting the ideas I am floating around at the moment.

First is I am thinking about separating every thruster from the kit. This will be hard. I want to remove, and remount them all, in a way that actually makes them positionable, (I have a zip lock baggy full of polycaps from old destroyed kits that I salvaged, so I can put them to good use.) Part of this idea is trying to remove this section of the legs (colored in orange), then reattach it in a way similar to the Sinjani (sp?) leg thruster gimmick from the master grade.

I would also do this to the back of the leg, so that way the rear thruster could be positioned/flared past the back of the foot, which covers it now. I hope to start all this saturday (package arrival dependent), and will try to post as many pics as possible. Feedback welcome!

Ok so like the Sananju’s legs huh? I like the idea. It shouldn’t be too hard maybe make amore solid frame for it to mount to so when you pivot it you wont see the hollow insides of the legs.

Of course, I got like 100 bucks worth of Styrene plates, bars, rods, angles and Prowield sitting 6 ft from me right now lol.

Edit: Color Scheme wise, I am thinking something like this.

I love that color scheme man. After coming off doing my own Kampfer I’ll anxiously be awaiting progress on this build. Your ideas and thoughts on customization sounds awesome. I can’t wait to see it come together.

love it. do it. don’t deny us it! lol

Ooh, that color scheme is nice.

We have very few here who customize and mod their kits so this will be an interesting WIP for all of us. Consider me another fan of the proposed color scheme too. I don’t think I ever saw a Kampfer in those colors before and it looks nice.