Which UC Gundam manga could get an anime adaptation next?

Sunrise has been having success with with the manga-to-anime adaptations.

First it was Unicorn, Orgin, Thunderboldt, Narrative and now Hathaway’s Flash

what else is out there?

Crossbone Gundam
Gundam Sentinel
Blue Destiny

Honestly, the next UC adaptation could be either of those three. Crossbone is immensely popluar, Sentinel has awesome mechanical designs, and Blue Destiny is pretty compelling.

You are right. However, if Crossbone gets adapted there should be some major changes/updates to it and stronger continuity with the events of F91 films in terms of plot/characters while also honoring the new characters and mecha…

and i heard there’s copyright problems with sentinel.

i think blue destiny is a better candidate because its something different.

basically blue destiny is a Gundam/GM hybrid concept based on a story from the one-year war.

it’s something ‘different’ and i think that’s what the franchise needs. something different.

Well, Unicorn, Narrative and HF were all novels originally not manga - but I get your point in that Sunrise has moved away from anime original UC Gundam content over the past two decades.

I never understood why the hesitation in adapting Crossbone, maybe they got cold feet because of the negative reception to F91 and Victory? Oh well, whatever the reason they’ll have to recast Seabook now that his actor has sadly passed. Although, I wouldn’t be sad if it never got an anime considering I am not a fan of Crossbone. :kissing: :notes:

Anyways, as for what I would like to see get an anime adaptation… I would really want “The Plot to Kill Gihren Zabi” to get an OVA for being such a good political thriller, but I doubt they’d do it because there’s very little mech battles nor new Mobile Suits to sell merch for.

Whereas the manga I like that I actually could see an anime being made for would be “Valpurgis”. It’s got a really interest premise for its protagonist that links to something from Unicorn (though it’s set months after ZZ) and has some really cool mechs. :heart_eyes:

I’m gonna go out on a limb here. I like F91 alot and it gets unfairly bashed. and if crossbone were to get an adaptation they’d still need to try to resolve unresolved plot points from the film and fix and update some of the flaws of the crossbone manga.

but we’ll see what they do. they gotta finish up the Hathaway movies.

I have the same opinion with bhayes0921! Blue Destiny is remarkable. The new manga adaptation is ongoing. The fight scene of the BD-1 (Exam model) is amazing! Actually, there are many U.C. manga deserve anime adaptations!

I’m sure all the arguments for any of the adaptations is valid, but here’s what I’d like to see:

Crossbone. That’s it. I know it sounds weird but we haven’t really seen too much in this field for a long while.

Blue Destiny is also a good one to tackle, though it has had numerous adaptations (though not entirely complete, if I can remember right [which I rarely do]) such as a few games with animated cutscenes like Journey to Jaburo and Encounters in Space. Still, this is my next choice besides Crossbone.

And even though this one isn’t UC, I wouldn’t mind a full adaptation of Astray in the future. Just sayin’.

Blue Destiny
Zeonic Front
MSG Side Story (Missing Links)
Lost war Chronicles

All of these take place during the OYW and all of them are good stories for various reasons. Another reason why all of these would be good for an Anime adaptation is the fact that many of the characters from these series appear in The Gundam Legacy manga which takes place after the OYW and its nice to see what happens to characters years later.

The plot to Assassinate Gihran Zabi is another fantastic choice. Its a great story and there really isn’t much in terms of MS battles till the end, but there are worth the wait, especially if they were to be animated.

Lastly id recommend The Return of Johnny Ridden. It takes place after the OYW and its centered around Johnny Ridden “who survived the OYW, but suffers from amnesia”. Under the name Led Wayline he works as a test pilot for the F.S.S Federation Survey Service gatheringdata on various MS and they investigate dark secrets from the OYW. Good story, awesome MS fights and large variety of MS and some old, but familiar characters.

I would go with Gundam Crossbone, to be honest I would like to see F-91 get a series adaptation, so they can do what they wanted to do.

Well I don’t really follow enough UC material. Never mind their manga. But I have seen videos on some of their stories & I’d like to see a couple different things.

First would be a movie/short OVA series about the Black Otter Team in the Titans. I like the group dynamic those characters have with each other, so I think they’d be fun to watch.

The other would be Moon Gundam. I haven’t read the manga so maybe someone can clarify or give some details, but from what I understand the Moon Gundam itself is made by Zeon? If so I think it’d be cool if our protagonist was a Zeon soldier who had to face against some punk Fed Commander & put him in his place while testing out the Psycho Plate (atleast I think that’s what it was that the Moon Gundam used) on him & his team.