Which PB kits do you have?

Among the extensive list documented in the catalog (https://bandai-hobby.net/site/pb_catalog/), here is my collection =)

MG Freedom 2.0 Special Coating Edition - One of the beam effect parts went missing during relocation. What a pity…

MG Sandrock EW - Probably the prime example depicting how unethical the business model of Bandai is. This PB kit is exactly the same as the typical Sandrock (which I hate it by the way, it is not the Sandrock in the original TV series) you can find in hobby shops other than adopting the original animation colour.

MG Heavyarms EW - Looks nice but I screwed up by applying the decal in the wrong direction on one of the gatling guns.

MG Zeta Plus Unicorn Version - Other than the newly added rifle that can be mounted to the backpack, I don’t really know how is it different from the original Zeta Plus…

MG Astray Noir - Honestly I have no idea which part of Seed Destiny did this MS show up but I bought it anyway because of how stunning it is. This is probably one of the best MG ever released. Awesome articulation with unique colour scheme. The sword blades are also coated with silver!

MG FA Unicorn Red Frame + MG Nu Gundam Fin Funnel Expansion Set - Another Unicorn scam. The only difference between the PB version and the ordinary FA Unicorn is the colour of psycho frame. If I need to blame somebody, that would be me to willingly buy the kit while being 100% aware of this subtle difference. As for the fin funnel expansion set, it worth the money. Without the expansion set, Nu Gundam would have looked awkward if you display each of the funnel on their own leaving the backpack empty.

MG Hyakushiki Kai - One word - Stunning! Not the ugly urine yellow colour but gold!! Fun kit to build and saves me a lot of time - no painting required!

MG Gundam 3.0 (Char’s unit) - This kit uses 99% of the parts from the original Gundam other than the shield LOL As a fan of Char, how can I miss this iconic MS that only appears in the game? This is the second kit in my collection painted in a colour scheme that deviates from the original. I have mixed Gundam White and Gundam Pink in the ratio of 3:1 to give the kind of pink that I cannot resist.

MG GM Command Space Type - This MS marks the beginning of the story in UC 0081 from the legendary PS3 game Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Record, which is the best in the history of Gundam game in my opinion. Intense but touching story in conjunction with phenomenal graphics - all in one game. The main character piloted this GM and sank a MA LOL

Actually I still have some more with most of them in my home on the other side of this planet. When I get back to work next week, I will snap a shot of my beloved MG Perfect Strike Gundam Special Coating Version.

Honestly, never thought to compared the normal MG Sandrock EW and the P-Bandai one before, but there should still be some subtle difference…maybe.

Not to defend Bandai, but it kind of make sense since they were both designed by Hajime Katoki and technically OVA/movie takes place not too long after the TV/Glory of the Losers series and there were no mention of Gundams received makeover and/or upgrades, so Gundam retaining some previous look was sort of valid. Never doubt Bandai’s willingness to sell recolored kit with minor to no difference. The only difference for some “special” ones were merely different color of plastic and decal.

Supposedly the difference between Zeta Plus Unicorn Version and the original Zeta Plua A1 are the new rifle and head for Zeta Plus A2…yeah…that is typical business people for you.

Astray Noir should be from one of the MSV manga. Along with it should have been the Impulse Blache and Destiny Impulse R.

Back to the topic. Got more of the P-Bandai kits ever since the Bluefins start offering them and P-Bandai U.S. site opened. Mainly going for the MG kits, but do have HG kits for the ones that Bandai probably will not release MG versions, or at least not any time soon, such as Daughtress, Eldora Windam, Eldora Daughtress, and Pale Rider, just to name a few.

Not liking the clear/crystal/special coating kits too much and try to steer away from those, but there were still few of those in the collection. However, definitely will try to get the MG V2 Assault Buster Titanium Finish and PG RX-78-2 Titanium Finish when possible and at affordable prices just because the gold (yellow) and blue on them looks pretty good.

Just to have some number, over 20.

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Mostly MG’s but a few HG, RG. Really didn’t have too many until they started selling on the US Site…

Gundam Wing Ew & GOL - MG Sandrock, Heavyarms, Deathscythe, Shenlong
MG Tallgeese II & III
MG Turn A Gundam ver Moonlight Butterfly & another set of MLB wings for Turn X
RG Exia R2, Astrea, Astrea F-type
MG GNX A-laws
MG Stormbringer & Polypod Ball
MG V2 Assault Buster Exp.
MG Barbatos Exp
HG Moon Gundam (Clear)
HG Woundwort
PG Full Armor Unicorn/ Armor VB/s Expansions
PG 00 Raiser Clear Body parts
PG Zaku Clear Body Parts & Weapons
Haro Container

The diff between the Sandrock + EW other than color is the the shoulder parts, and the anti beam cloak. Yea not much, but that’s one of the reasons it’s P-bandai.

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Way to many. Lol

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HGUC RX-80PR Pale Ride Heavy Equipment Type
HGUC Todesritter

MG Tallgeese III
I’ll eventually buy the MG Tallgeese II when it is reissued.

When it comes to PB kits, the markup has always been so drastic. That I always said that I would never purchase one, unless it was a kit that I HAD to have. The Tallgeese III, was the 1st one I had ever bought.

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And then it was all over. Lol