Which model kits would you like to see get made?

Agreeeed! I love the Marasai and wish for this!

I would like to see a Sword Calamity in ANY scale! They do make a conversion kit if you have a MG Freedom.

PG Dopp???!! really?

I would like to see a Sword Calamity in ANY scale! They do make a conversion kit if you have a MG Freedom.

PG Dopp???!! really?[/quote]

Yes I am dead serious mate!

70 years from now, when Bandai has released 100s of PG models and finally gives into fan “demand”/lack of new kits to make PGs out of, you’ll be trying to snap together your PG Dopp with your arthritic hands and miserable eyesight.

Squeam… this will be forever archived in the Gundam forums.


It’s just a thing mate. Maybe sell it with a 1/60 Magella Attack that comes with it. Can take the barrel out and make a regular M. Top cannon that a 1/60 can hold. Would be so intense.


A master grade Nether Gundam. Just for the hell of it. And then maybe the actual Mickey Mouse Gundam.

PG Buster Gundam
PG Zudah
MG Zudah
MG Hy-Gogg
MG Gold Frame Astray Amatsu

Yup. I crave.

Alright, screw everything I ever wanted to have made. If these four kits were made, even in HGUC, I would be so unrecognizably happy. Especially the Gelgoog.

From Top to Bottom:
Gelgoog Stutzer
Dom Stutzer
Zaku Stutzer

I must have these.

Those are some nice looking Zeon Suits. Another addition to list is a PG Shining and G Gundam.

MG Wing Zero TV version is the only thing I ever have for these. They did one TV version kit and I’m really hoping it wasn’t a one-off.

I prefer HG 1/144 models, so anything from Wing, G, X would be great. I already got the HG X and X divider now I want Double X and maybe that gundam from Under the Moonlight. Still need to get God Gundam, but I got on a SEED kick and completely forgot to get it during my last order.

An HGUC Galbaldy Beta and an HGUC Zssa would be like dreams come true for me.

Yes to more Zeta kits like the Galbaldy! If you want the Zssa, does that mean you want the Gallus-J to go with it?

Eh, I never liked the Gallus-J.

I’d love a Doven Wolf though, that thing’s awesome.

If you look at earlier posts here, you’ll see my request for a Doven Wolf HGUC. I have the Sangoukuden SD of it and it’s pretty cool in its own right. Maybe after they run through some more 0083 kits, Bandai will forcus on Z & ZZ for the HGUC line. I’m crossing my fingers, but not holding my breath.

Since this thread is about “model kits” and not JUST Gundam or mobile suits, I’ll go ahead and say it: Better Code Geass kits (I’d be happy with just a MG Lancelot and Gurren Mk2), MG Escaflowne, and MG Big 0. As far as Gundam is concerned, I’d like to see lots of things, all of which was mentioned here so far gets a big thumbs up!

On a side note, why doesn’t GSAM carry any Eureka 7 or Armored Core kits? I would give them so much money for them. ;X

I’d wager it’s due to Kotobukiya doing the AC kits, but that’s just a guess.

I’d also love for a MG Dreissen to get released. Ditto for a MG Gouf Custom 2.0, a MG Gaplant, and a MG Dynames.

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