Which model kits would you like to see get made?

I thought that this might be a good topic for stimulating a discussion.
Try to keep your answers realistic. For example, while a Master/Perfect Grade Devil Gundam would be awesome, it would simply be too much plastic for Bandai; a very large High Grade, like the GP03, Dendrobium would be the best you could hope for for the example.

In no particular order, the Master Grade kits that I would most like to see are: 1) a Master Grade Gundam X, 2) a Master Grade V2 Gundam, 3) a Master Grade Crossbone X-2 (it’s surprising that Bandai hasn’t fine this one already, given that we have the X-1), 4) A Master Grade Saviour Gundam, and 5) a Master Grade Aegis Gundam.

The High Grades would be: 1) HGAC Taurus, 2) HGFC Rose Gundam, 3) HGUC Den’an Zon, 4) HGAW X Divider, and 5) HGUC Neue Ziel.

Perfect Grade ZZ Gundam and Nu Gundam would also be nice.

What kits would you like to see?

I would love to see a 1/100 MG Epyon from Gundam Wing. I would have to agree with you on the PG Nu Gundam that would really rock to see that come out but I wonder what the price point would be on a PG Nu maybe along the same as the PG OO ?

If we’re lucky they’ll charge only that much, but, given that it’s Bandai and that the Nu is a larger than average suit, I wouldn’t hold my breath.
In any case let’s see what they charge for the PG Strike Freedom (why oh why couldn’t it have been Freedom?); if it’s more in line with earlier PG pricing then yeah, Bandai would probably have a PG Nu cost as much as the 00 Raiser; if it is more in line with 00 Raiser’s price, I think the Nu’s chances having the 00’s price would be a lot less.

The RGM-79SP GM Sniper II from War in The Pocket as well as the RX-121 TR-6 from AofZ, both in 1/144th scale HGUC!

I have a list of my top 5 MG would have to be
1.MG Tallgeese
2.MG Leo
3.MG Gundam Dynames
4.MG Gundam Throne Zwei
5.MG O Gundam

I think they have put off making a PG Nu Gundam because i think people would start demanding to get PG Sazabi and that would be a bit pricey.

0 Gundam was awesome, I’ll second that one!

Ah… I have a long list!

• A Windam. Even a NG 1/144 would make me happy.
• M1A Astray. Same as the above.
• HG M1 Astray. (Sense a pattern?)
• Long Dagger. HG preferred with removable Fortresta armor.
• Out Frame/Testament
• Destiny Impulse. The bigger, the better.
• Blue Frame Third. (it is a crime that this kit does not exist)

• Throne Einz Turbulenz
• Sadalsuud
• Plutone
• A proper Rasiel
• Abulhool
• Nadleeh Akwos
• Alvaaron (why does this not exist?!)

Ah… I could probably go on through another few dozen variations on machines…

Hmmmm. let’s see.

1/100 Enact Demo Colors.
Remade 1/100 Sandrock
PG Guntank…I would die for this kit, no joke.

Mermaid gundam for my life. I want one…but only to do way to much battle damage to it. Have 4 different gundams all drive a beam saber through it. That would look lovely.


MG O Gundam
MG Gundam X (this is the most needed)
MG Crossbone X-2 (easy)
MG Nu Gundam 2.0 (possible)
MG Hyaku Shiki 2.0
MG 0083 2.0 kits (they’re due for an overhaul)
MG Den’an Zon
MG Epyon
MG Turn X
MG Saviour

HGUC Dijeh (so cool & an Amuro suit)
HGUC Baund Doc (I love, love, love this thing)
HGUC anything else from Zeta that isn’t already made :slight_smile:
HGUC Gerbera Tetra (How many want this? Come on!)
HGUC Doven Wolf (look at that Sangoukuden kit & tell me it wouldn’t be cool)
HGFC Rose Gundam

HG Alvaaron
HG Gaga (make a Loto-style twin pack)
HG Hellion
HG Anf (dude, its the first suit you see)

Oh my that list is awesome!

1/100 Kyshatria, non resin (I know about neograde’s, that thing is sexy)
1/144 HG Taurus from Gundam Wing
1/100 Taurus
1/144 Leo Remake
1/100 Leo
1/100 NG Unicorn / Sinanju
1/144 Destroy
1/100 NG Gouf Custom/Ignited
1/100 MG Epyon
1/100 MG Dynames

There’s more but I can’t think of them off the top of my head.

1/20 Haro ball!
Not the one’s from SEED, the larger ones from OO.

Just all the internals mainly. Have the arms and all pop out. Just a thought.

Ok, I just realized that Bandai never made a GN Flag! :shock: What?! How do they make a bazillion variants of the Enact/Flag, but not the most epic one from the most pivotal Flag Fighter battle!? I mean, it s only the suit that makes the Exia Igntion Mode possible…not to mention Graham is still cool/relevant then.

This is on the list.

Okay here’s my list:

MG V2 Gundam
MG Nobel Gundam (the sexiest Gundam EVER)
MG Gundam X (come on Bandai)
All of the Stardust Memory MG 2.0 (seriouly Bandai, those guys are old)
MG RX-93 Nu Gundam 2.0 (obviously)
MG Crossbone Gundam X-2 and X-3
MG ZZ Gundam 2.0 (needs better transformation)
MG Gundam Wing kits (includes but not limited to Epyon, Wing ZERO, Tallgeese)
MG Dynames

Ya know what? I want to see a HGUC Nightingale. I used to hate it, but I’ve recently developed an interest in Mobile armors, and I love char suits (Sazabi, Sinanju, ect) and I think it would be great to see a bandai licensed kit of that thing.

I’m going to go ahead and say a remake of the 1/60 PG Red Frame. It upsets me that that thing is the worst PG apparently.

I want a 1/60 more than anything, and Red Frame is one of my favorites, so this is just upsetting.

Bringing this thread back from the dead here…

(Here’s my wingnut side showing)

I’d love to see the Maguanac Corp MS be made. I loved a lot of the Wing Grunt Suits (Even the Leo despite it’s splodieness) I actually think there needs to be a HGAC line made.

a PG Unicorn and Sinanju oh yeah :sunglasses: :sunglasses: and I can now check off the MG Epyon (well once it is released that is :P)

MG Buster Gundam
MG Cgue/Ginn
MG Sword Calamity
MG Geara Zulu Angelo Sauper Custom
MG Garma Zabi Zaku II
PG dopp
1/450 Musai

An addition to my list is going to be the Marasai and Zaku III in Master Grade form. Why, they’re the few Zaku suits that haven’t gotten the MG treatment.