Where to start with Gundam

Hi friends! I just bought my first gundam and am wondering where I should start on the animes. I have always been interested and I have finally decided to take the plunge. I have Hulu and Netflix subscriptions and just want to know which anime on those services I should start with. Thanks for the help!

Haven’t checked to see what is on those services, but if it were me. I’d either start with Mobile Suit Gundam, and carry over into Zeta and ZZ. Or begin with Gundam 00, Maybe even SEED. Personally those are some of my favorite series’.

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Netflix has Gundam Unicorn and Iron Blooded Orphans. Both are great series.

Hulu has Gundam 00, Seed, Iron Blooded Orphans, Gundam Unicorn, Gundam 08th MS team, and Gundam Origin.

If you want to start at the beginning, start with Origin.

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You can use the guide by Toksan, here:

as a reference.

You do not have to watch the Gundam series in chronological order. But if you do want to get into the Universal Series, would definitely recommend that you start with the original Gundam series if possible. Mainly because the characters and stories in the subsequent series will have some reference to it. Just a bit easier for you.

Other than the UC series, you pretty much can watch them in any orders.

Gundam Origins, like its name, was supposedly be story that predates the original Gundam series. But if remembered correctly, there are some changes that do not lined up with the original Gundam exactly, so kind of up to you to think whether or not it is cannon.

If you can, definitely watch something before Unicorn, because it had some references to the past series, just so it makes easier for you to watch through it without wondering what they were talking about.


Wow! This is great thanks for the info. I’m in love with the unicorn design and can’t wait to watch it!