where to get stuff?

I just moved to Vancouver from China resently, and im dying to find places where i can buy paint and kit. Any information would help, including websites and store locations. thanks a lot :slight_smile:

eBay. that’s where I go for all my Gunpla needs…and a lot of other stuff.

I get my Gundam stuffs from the following sites:
I also live in Vancouver and most of the places here are overpriced (cause of import and shipping probably). But if you want to buy from stores, you can go to Sakura Media in Metrotown Burnaby. There’s also another place that sells gunpla inside Crystal Mall, but the guy there is SUPER unfriendly lol. He gives you the dirtiest stares… even after you purchase something. These two places are relatively small, you’ll have a lot more luck if you head over to Richmond.
My advice is, look for something you like in one of these stores and just order it online. HLJ and AmiAmi has great prices :). Rakuten is pretty much the Japanese version of eBay so you can find everything there too… but shipping is usually a bit pricey so if you decide to order from there, make sure you order it all from one store. Good luck!

Ah! Forgot to mention HobbyWave. It’s actually located in BC (forgot where… probably Richmond?) and their prices are better than Sakura Media and that place inside Crystal Mall. So uhh check out www.hobbywave.com as well ;).

thanks! that helped a lot!