Where is the best place to preorder model kits?

So with how things have been getting in these recent years with pricing, I figured I should probably start preordering the model kits I really want. But I’m not sure where the best website to do from is? Some of them have a tendency to change the delivery date and/or have really high shipping prices.

Some websites I’ve been looking at include: Amazon, BigBad Toystore, usaGundamStore, and HobbyLinkJapan.

So would any these be good to preorder kits from and which would be the best? Also what stores do you order/preorder your model kits from?

So I typically use USAGundamStore when I want to Pre-Order a kit. I’ve never had an issue with them, and their customer service is top notch. For sure, my #1 choice.

Stay away from Amazon. There are numerous stories of people getting something not advertised. Buying a kit like the Epyon and getting a knock off instead. To much risk for me personally.

HLJ for sure has the best base prices, as they get their stock directly from Bandai themselves. So their prices can be kept to MSRP. However the caveat here, is the shipping. To have trackable shipping will cost you a lot of money now a days. If they still do it, their private warehouse feature is great to take advantage of. Just depends on you, I’ve bought a lot from HLJ and never had a problem.

For BigBadToys, I’ve only bought maybe one thing from them. But didn’t have any issues. So not a lot that I can say here.


I’ve use all of them with no major issues, but if you want to pre-order several kits use HLJ. You can store you kits in a personal warehouse for 60 days, which will give more time for kits to become available. The downside side to using HLJ is the shipping cost from Japan are getting ridiculous for large packages.

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I’ve used:


These are the US sellers I use, keep in mind there’s still a lot of uncertainty and issues with shipments to these vendors still right now.

Newtype HQ
Gundam Planet
Big Bad Toy Store
Tatsu Hobby (mostly ordered from when I lived on the west coast)

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Amazon is a roll of the dice. I’ve purchased many great kits from them, but have been burned a time or two as well.

Aside from visiting my local shop in person [ https://anchoragehouseofhobbies.com/ ] these are my go to options:

USA Gundam Store

Galactic Toys

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It depends on what kind of kits you want. If it is regular release then I shop around on line. Typically I use BBTS since typically I have some other stuff in my pile of loot. If it is P-Bandai kits that is released recently, I use Kurama Toys in Japan. If the kit has been released sometime ago, I use ebay.

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