Where can I preorder SD Gundam Battle Alliance for Nintendo Switch

So I am really excited for the new game SD Gundam Battle Alliance. Every time I find out more, the more I want it!

However, I really want to get it on Nintendo Switch, but I can’t find it anywhere to preorder.

So does anyone have any idea where I can preorder it for the Nintendo Switch and get the early preorder bonuses?

What country do you live in?

I live in North America USA.

Have you tried Yesasia? Had ordered some games from them before a few years ago and the price including shipping at the time seemed to be reasonable. Though not sure if you preorder from then will guarantee you the preorder bonus or not. You might want to ask them.

Playasia has it for pre order, but you’ll have yo pay for shipping which is almost as much as the game. I couldn’t seem to find the switch version for sale at any US retailers.

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So if I do get it from PlayAsia, will I get the preorder bonuses?

It depends is the have that version of the game for sale.

You should shoot them an e-mail asking them to see if you preorder, will it come with preorder bonus or not, just to be on the safe side. Both PlayAsia and YesAsia seemed to indicate you might be able to get free shipping under the right conditions, so you should be good if you wish to order from either of them.

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Okay, I did just that and they did confirm I would get the bonuses!

So now I just got the game preordered! Thank you all so much for all the help ! :smiley:

Also, here’s what the bonuses are for anyone interested

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