Where can I find the best list/gallery of model kits?

Just a little backround: I’m new here in that I came back after a couple years and my account doesnt exist anymore.

I mostly stick to collecting models from the After Colony timeline, as that’s what got me into gundam years and years ago (that, and I would break the bank collecting everything else).

Years ago I had some go-to websites to try to keep track of new and old models from the wing series. Now I cant remember them.

I remember Dalong.net, but I just checked it out today and noticed they dont seem to have the HGAC line listed there, but I cant seem to remember the site I used to keep tabs on. Google wasnt much help outside of hlj.com which has a decent but dated list of them all.

Basically I’ve been out of the loop for a couple years, the newest wing kits I knew about before my little break were those MG ‘glory of losers’ type kits that were releasing a few years ago. I bought up to epyon and proto wing zero before my little hiatus.

I just stumbled upon the HGAC leo model kit and I’m trying to figure out what else I’ve missed in the past couple years.

I’m interested in basically anything ‘after colony’, though I already have many of the old ones including a handful of those b club resin kits that tried to fill in the blanks.

Any suggestions appreciated.

You could try:


You can always try:

Thanks! That clued me in on the HGAC Maganac and Heavyarms.

Though I still wish I could remember the old site I used to use. Are there any sites that sort the kits by release date?

Either way I appreciate the suggestion.

The issues with Dalong.net is all the HG kits are lumped in together based on release number. You have to look through the list to find the HGAC kits your looking for because they don’t have a sub category.

The wiki page sort of sort the kits by release date. But the information of the “better” HG kits were lumped together under HGUC line.