When to apply panel line

This is the first time painting a gunpla and i bought the mr hobby line of paints. can anyone tell me when to apply the panel line? I know some people say you do it after a top coat above the paintjob and then top coats it again, but it seems like a chore to me can you just panel line on top of your paintjob? Another thing is when you apply panel line on the top coat layer do the top coat gets removed when i used thinner to remove the panel line?

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You need to do a gloss clear coat over your paint. This does two things. First it protects your Paint frome the panel line. Second the gloss coat helps the panel line flow more evenly in the panel and it makes cleaning up the panel easier.

im using the tamiya panel line and their enamel thinner. will the thinner affects my topcoat ? im using mr hobby premium top coat

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No the Enamel thinner will not affect Mr Hobby top coat, but if you put it on paint that hasn’t been top cover the Enamel thinner can discolor your paint. Make sure you are using a gloss top coat for panel lining. It makes it a lot easier to clean up your panel line ans then you can do a a final top coat of your choosing after.

Are you applying decals?

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yeah I’m planning to apply the decals, when should i do it?

Are you using the decals that come with the kit or waterside Decals?

the decals that usually comes in mg kits (the sticker type).

Okay I just want to be sure before I explain how to go about applying decals. Waterside decals have a few extra steps, but since your using the one’s in the kit heres what what I do when using the kit decals.

Gloss clear
Panel lines
Gloss clear
Top coat.

Why can’t I just apply the decals after panel lining and then go to top coat?

You can skip the second gloss clear coat if you’d like. The second coat is more for when your doing waterside decals.

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Ok thx for the explanation bro :smile: